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Genetically engineered beings who stole our time travel technology


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I have a whole posting on my website dedicated to this topic. The upshot is that these beings are beings that we ourselves have(will) create. They steal our technology and pass it off as "their own". There is MUCH research and "pieces" that I've put together in support of this. My article also explains WHY disclosure is not happening and WHY information regarding time travel is being both suppressed and "psyoped away". (The "other worlds" hypothesis is for me a psyop to suppress information about time travel (don't get me started!)


The full article is here: (also read the comments below)


(Time Travel UFOs and The Future Of Humanity)


Don't expect Disclosure any time soon, because what's being covered up is more than the existence of just a few "grey aliens". If you want Disclosure, (or perhaps PREVENTION) you might want to consider banging on the doors of these genetic engineering firms that are out there conducting chimera experiments, playing with re-combinant DNA etc., for while time travel actually turns out to be a fairly HARMLESS technology, these genetic engineers are putting our whole genome at RISK! If you are interested in the Freitas book I can find a way to get a copy to you. (As far as I know, I am the only one with a copy of this very valuable book on Xenology)



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