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What is RSS?

Guest Jorune

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What is RSS?


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing web content (such as news headlines or new content in your forum). You can use RSS to read or display recent forum messages on another location of your choice. Here are some examples:


Read messages on your home computer or personal website


Read messages in an RSS reader, or a news aggregator.


Display messages in your web log (otherwise known as "blog") for others to see. Or syndicate Time Travel Portal on your personal website.


For people who want aggregators installed on their desktop, I'd suggest:


Win32 - Feed Reader


Linux - Liferea


How do I read messages in an RSS reader or news aggregator?


Just enter the URL listed below. Please check the instructions for your individual program/service.


How do I display messages in my web log (blog)?


First, make sure your blog supports the display of syndicated RSS content. If so, add the URL listed below in the appropriate area of your blog provider. Please check the help pages for your service, as the location varies by provider.


Do all forums have RSS?


RSS is available only for forums configured by the administrators of Time Travel Portal to show messages to the public.


** Attention Administrators of other Time Travel Communities **


Time Travel Portal is interested in syndicating your community site for free! If you currently have, or are going to be installing an RSS news feed to your site please contact us! The Portal's main objective is to aggregate the Time Travel Community so that information can be easily found. RSS is the perfect way for the Time Travel Portal to syndicate your site or forum. If you don't have a feed, consider getting one.


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Aggregators and Other RSS Clients


This is an incomplete listing of aggregators and other consumers of RSS content.


  • Headline Viewer - The original desktop aggregator. For most versions of Windows.
  • SharpReader - Windows-based desktop aggregator; many features.
  • NetNewsWire - A newer, standalone desktop aggregator for MacOS X.
  • Radio UserLand - Hybrid desktop/Web aggregator and weblogging tool. Windows and Macintosh (7.5.5+ and OSX).
  • Meerkat - A Web-based aggregator by O'Reilly.
  • News is Free - Another Web-based aggregator which also does some third-party scraping.
  • Apache JetSpeed - An Enterprise-class Java Portal that supports RSS.
  • Daypop - A search engine for RSS-based news.





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