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Hello All, Have been away for quite some time still holding out that time travel is real and someone is monitoring the posts to find the ideal time travel stable personality ! LOL, sound crazy? You bet, if you are conserservative no initiative and no imagination then would you believe it if some guy or gal approached you to go back in time to occupy your younger self with your memories of now still intact?what point would you choose and how would you get away with not recalling every ones name in your then life and phone numbers etc without being 'odd'? Most would go the conclusion of - ' nut bag walking' if you were approached with the line of - hi I've been observing and following your posts and hey I would really like to send you back in time...but what if.... Would you agree or run for the hills? So many possibilities and timelines - overwhelming, would time and history be influenced by a butterfly effect of little old you or me going back to straighten up a few boo boo's. Furthermore could you keep your tongue about what is to come and not to try and save your dad dying of lung cancer and infuencing his cull of tobacco?or not use inside trading information? It's a big ask and far too tempting for some. Food for thought. BTW no-one has approached me yet, I'll probably won't be sanctioned to let you know. If a prerequisite is sanity how does the completely sane smarter than the usual bear know if this is the real thing? Taking that chance could be the tipping edge of sanity itself?


The pondering


Tere tere



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