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The secrets to survival


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Preppers will tell you to stock on guns, ammo, food, and water. I have a much different approach to survival. These things serve to slow you down. These things make noise. Here are my tips to survive the incoming zombie apocalypse. That's an attempt at sarcasm. :D


First off, there are three things i recommend. A good knife, 30 feet of rope, and as many socks as you can carry. These things are self explanatory why you need them. Water and food can be found in nature. After being homeless for several years of my life, everything here has kept me alive. I am a living testament that it works.


Get as deep in the woods as you can, preferably somewhere south. There are not as many things that can eat you in the south. Learn to set snares or grow your own food. Stay as quiet as possible, never use a flashlight, and never light a fire unless it is absolute life or death. It is best to become used to the darkness. your eyes will adjust. You will also adjust to the cold.


The absolute most important aspect of survival that so many underestimate is mental toughness. I cannot stress how important this is. If you have absolutely nothing, this will keep you alive. When all hope is lost, this will keep you alive.


Prepare yourself physically by endurance training and learn to never give up mentally. When you are going out of your mind for water, trick yourself. Say to yourself, "this is nothing." Just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what, and i guarantee you can survive even the bleakest of scenarios.


The only thing you won't be able to survive is a bullet to a crucial area, but if you stay silent and always aware of your surroundings, you will live. The best advice i can give anyone in a survival scenario is to be like the black knight:




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