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Aging is reversible..?


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Anywhoo, time energy sounds mysterious but it's just a new form of spacetime curvature. One where ya don't need an object like a blackhole or stuff going lightspeed. A 3rd type.


Can be made with electromagnetic fields, heated metals, vacuum tubes, dipole antenna array, ormus materials, alchemical elixirs, spinning aluminum alloys, spinning alchemical mercury, sound from alchemically made alloys like bronze-gold alloys.



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To add to aging topic, Cats Claw is used in some 2019 supplements for telomere health.


The claws of cats have anti-aging properties? I have 3 cats. I need to look this up. LOL. Oooooh, it's a vine, not real cat claws.

DARN. The vine apparently has healing properties, so I guess, if it really worked, it could help you live longer.



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