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Hho plasma generator in the ship of philidelphia experiment


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Timecore asked,


Have you heard of hho plasma generators

I think that this is a two balanced equation.This is where you had a massive amount of heavy duty cables that had lined the hull of the USS Eldrich, which when energized, would afford your bend in time and space by the electro-mass sheer volume principle, for the Eldrreige's size, weight, materials construction and mass.


I know that the electro generators were amidships and had to be activated by operators at a console.However in the act of going near full power to this on-board apparatus, "which they should not have done so", some planners not known to the rest of the project, must have used the *said hho generators for a necessary time mass explosion, which would not only have worked in the index of the ship altering its own state of frequency. However' the implosion principles by this shown *organ apparatus, must have assisted in unsticking the entire DE class naval destroyer, from its original time and space frequency.*From above organ means a change in mass character, so this factor of changed state temporarily changes the nature of the ship and crew to an organ, or unitized biological affectation.


The light duty proof of principles shake-down test worked perfectly, with the DE as perceived from a distance as being only a rain squall, or small rain show at sea.However there must have been some miss-match in the projected mission statement, not recognized by some of the participating parties in this experiment.This is as when they had gone full or near full power the sound generated was so loud that the process ruptured and made eardrums bleed.This also effected both the brains and bodies of the crew as some had thought that it was the end of existence.


Thanks for this information, as if this info is now correlated to past test of the DE Eldritch, then this is a major find as leaving the assigned time and space of the original Philadelphia Naval Shipyards, would not have been possible.


What was said of the characteristics of the test, is that the entire ship not only changed its constituent mass, time and place by going into a traveling raceway conduit in time and space, but in entering the tunnel of travel exposed the crew to all sorts of radiation.I think it was intimated that the people near the control console had done the best for a while, but even they got a good blast of radiation.


Somebody might not have wanted that crew to live, which might have indicated some kind of through-Nazi feedback?The end result when the ship re-materialized was horrible.People because mass was energized to another state was non-defined and flesh had interposed itself within the steel of the ship's bulkheads.Others caught fire atomically and burnt that way for days in spite of direct sea water being sprayed on them from on board high pressure fire hoses. Thanks again for this for the info.



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Implosion and explosion are synonyms in this case.This is a valuable piece of information because on the Gauss-flux principle alone, they could not break free of this time and space.There had to be an exciter, in similar fashion to a spark plug in order for all this to work.This also means that someone hidden deep in the background, had known that when the ship had gone to full power, that this catastrophe would have happened.


Edit: The cables laid the entire length of the Eldrige, were from what I gather, insulation covered.I think that this may have been because Einstein wanted a field parallel, but not grounding to the metal hull of the DE itself. So that electro-magnetic field induced, would have been para to,. not in unity with the metal composing the Eldrich.


When this activation occurred during the full power activation sequence, the ship had been shifted to another reality or state of being, but within the manifold of an altered unity field.If the cables had been bare, then right then and there the entire vessel might have been shorted to one massive metal glowing blob.


Implosion and explosion, both as sided principles, frees from the time and space scalier quotient, if this is electromagnetically oriented in a practiced nature, e.g. in this case the Philadelphia experiment. They later reduced the units in size and placed one in the rear seat of a T-33 Lockheed Trainer.When they switched on T-mass-zero, the plane at altitude had disappeared."I don't think that they ever retrieved this jet"?_Also made portable belt units,"bar fights said in Philly area in press", with same techno. end edit//


I feel that to declassify this happening to the public there were orders to make this incident be invested to media.


Source, The book Into Thin Air by George E. Simpson, reads exactly as the real Philadelphia Experiment had unfolded.


This happenstance is connected with Montauk, or the Montauk Experiment in some very odd way.



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