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Parallel Universe

Roel van Houten

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I am Alfred Titor i live in 2038 my brother jonh titor is died yesterday i go in this time because i fright

That confirm that you are from alternate Timeworld, cause John is according to his mission at CERN before jumping to 2000 then to 1975 LOL!!!





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Back in the day when "time travelers" could post and questions could be asked them

and the moderator did not chase them away or try to ridicule them.


Interesting conversations actually took place.

i will add the following:" and the Moderator and/or his followers -Like a Cult- trying to debunk every person, without the benefice of the doubth, did not chase them away or try to ridicule them.


And the worst part is that "they" will not get "any" new data regarding Time travel...




this Thread:




This will be a "perceptible" Hidden Agenda of TPTB here on TTI.




Define Word "OPEN":


a. Accessible to all; unrestricted as to participants: an open forum.


b. Free from limitations, boundaries, or restrictions




The Time Travel Institute was a Open and Friendly Forum!!!





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