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Is this new power source of the future?


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I watched this and am interested enough to investigate further.


The inventor claims the device causes hydrogen to release energy by causing its electron to drop into a lower energy shell. The only thing is hydrogen only has two energy states. And the proposed explanation by the inventor hasn't been observed to happen in nature. Since the inventor claims his device creates a third lower energy state for hydrogen.


My interest stems from watching the ring wave patterns created on a circular Chladni plate. A ring wave pattern with two rings would represent the two energy shells of the hydrogen atom. But with a Chladni plate we can control the number of rings by either changing the size of the Chladni plate or the frequency. Now the question comes to my mind, "could we control and create a lower energy shell for the hydrogen atom?" I think that is a trillion dollar question. If this science is viable, then I could see this as being a real scientific explanation for why the sun's spectral lines for hydrogen are lower than they are here on earth.


I don't know if this inventor succeeded. But if he did, then I suspect he'll be murdered.



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