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Have you ever seen a god that you'd like to talk about?


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I had read an article long ago, to where a man was out for a walk and where he was traveling was open fielded, but descended slightly in the grassy hill topography.This traverse past a line of tall popular trees, ..from what I remember of the article.


As he walked parallel to the line of trees, he noticed what seemed to be a youth in the distance by these trees.The being to where the top half of this being looked human. So he chose to close the distance getting closer to what this creature was.When this fellow was pretty near him, he stopped. this was because he had noticed that the lower half of him, appeared to be an upright standing goat of some kind.


Getting closer in now, he also notice a set of short horns on-top of this lads head.As he closed the final distance and walked up to the being, he asked ,"What kind of a being are you"?


The half boy, "It seemed and goat like apparition", answered, I am Pan, the god of the forest and trees. I take care of this stand of trees.The lad agreed with the sight of what he had seen, but the creature added.People used to honor me for my duty taking care of the forest fields and trees, but it seems that they no longer believe in me, so my time here is limited.


The man and the god parted ways. But it does seem a sad note of irony, that this past recorded event seems so tragic, but true in capacity as this event makes a body wonder just what the purpose of past recorded gods were.


Was their being here in some way to act as a set example in their power, grace and sinew.This unmatchable image as a formula, a template in some way for less glorious man to follow, then in ancient times, serving as a character guide for all?


In some ways I feel that this is the case. Every time I look upon actress Jenifer Aniston and her spooky eyes, I also received this distinct feeling.In some ways to me, she is like no other woman that I have ever laid eyes upon.


Were there gods here at one time.And did they leave their mark of guidance in order to fashion this society as a hansom, knowledgeable one. Lastly is their leaving us here, in some way both a danger point and maybe a past lesson that we should have paid more attention to.


I know in junior high school, one of my best favored book in Greek and Roman Mythologies, were the tales of Theseus and his many labors.


How does the prospect of their being past goods appeal to both your imagination as well as thinking.Say if you want to.Thanks


Sources, I think that this was from FATE Magazine and I dont know iof you can find this telling on line or at Fate Magazine | True reports of the strange and unknown Article Reprint from FATE Archive (PDF copy) | Fate Magazine Store



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