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Interception dream


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okay iv been wacthing too much ladybug and cat noir lol but heres why i ask about the pianos in the rooms lol


so i was pretending too be ladybug in ma dream last night all dressed up in red with black and there was this person in black with brown hair but i couldn’t make him out but i was having too much fun playing the paino playing stupid keys


you know that why you get angry when you mess up a song and just button mash the paino keys lol well thats what i did then i started too play the ladybug theme song on the paino which was out off the blue which i love ladybug by the way hints why i asked about the Eiffel tower lol but but anyway i back to my story


we and him where flying all over the place and we were climbing up too the very top of the tower it was so pretty all lighted up


so can any off you guys could tell me who thank person was cause i want too thank him for the fun dream i had



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