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Additional reports time travel vectors from middle ages


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Please note, that there is additional veracity as told by Dolores Cannon's book on Nostradamus, that time travel vectors exist from his time, to the 1990s and early 2000 nd.s to this relative time.


Object conjured by Nostradamus, as a clear jelly like object, (living, referred to as best could as a , "mode-e-rus Envictus", or a conjured time travel capable pet-like entity capable of transcending five hundred years or more, as mentioned in Dolores Cannon's well written text on Nostradamus.


Do not know, realize, if there are any time travel implications or violations with this being. Being acts as pet and will stay with intended target. Is evidence that it may eat small mice and or absorb ions off of plastic.*Note that Nostradamus was a master conjurer as well as maige.


Mentioned in Cannon's book. http://www.pdfslibforyou.com/dolores-cannon.pdf AND Amazon.com: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 2 (Revised and Addendum) (9780963277619): Dolores Cannon: Books



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Is this related to the fact that he was allegedly a cook and had a recipe for jam and/or jelly? Or are you saying that he mentioned a jelly like object in his writings?

Yes, Cannon shows the conjure episode right in her book. What I say next explains it a little better. Had to R.E.


At the place I use to live, I was in the process of reading Doloris Cannons book.She time localize that writing of that book, to be connected with past seer Nostradamus himself.


I don't know how he had gotten a hold of the information, of me being in this time, but within that book, it shows the conjure of the moderus Envictus, right into the book.


He was sending the Envictus to my time roughly, locally as he both conjured and she composed as well as published the book. So this was how I got the little creature.


It was clear, kind of shimmery-like. about the same size as a loaf of bread. It stayed under my trailer crawl space then.


I was working and the first sighting of it I had was about two feet right in front of me. What I had figured out, is that through some method that it was living off the ions given off, from the taken out and discarded plastic butyl pipes.


It was friendly, never attacked me.I was doing work beneath the trailer, with insulation and that's how I encountered it. I feel bad as I could not get to know it better, but it was for real Paula. "No' I'm not kidding you".


I think why it was sent by Nostradamus, is so that I would understand what Nostradamus could do, perform, was real.


Became emotional at one point, because in a way he was like me and he also took such chances in treating the black death, with virtually no one to help him. Very brave and talented guy.


Hope that you're doing well, Paula?



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That's odd because most jelly like creatures live in the ocean, unless it was some type of large slug...? Did you try to feed it?

What I was doing is pushing back the pieces of fiberglass and sealing them into the spaces beneath the floor space.Both places, formerly when I lives and the new place, had been re-plimbed.So there were sections of fiberglass, just left laying on the large plastic vapor barrier, that assist in keeping radon out.


In the former place, I had taken my time reading Cannon's first book on Nostradamus. In this book, she psychically contacts Nostradamus, "he thinks this is kind of funny", but does a thing to where he actually conjures a see-through creature.


Technically, this is known as a moderus, meaning entity of, which is affixed to a purpose, which is a kind of being. If you read her first book, she shows this contact right in the book, with Nostradamus. Cannon was no threat to him, this is why he accepted the contact.


My myself, am in many ways like him, as I have been involved in helping, taking care of people who had no hope.But I gave my very best to them and tried to comfort them in their time of need.*That there, is the reason who I think that he wanted to send, Modei,"what I named it", to me through time.


I guess that it was for me to keep the faith.


The first time I had seen it at the old place, it was inside and by the main entry doorway. I was clear, you could see through it, but it would shimmer, as it was like something living, but not wholly in this reality. The first time I stop and was concerned, but not panicked.


The second time, I was in the crawl space, replacing the fiberglass, pushing it back up in place. It was moving and not more than a yard or so away from me, while I was crawling on my belly.


The second time, was at the new place, same job, but it was in the process of eating. It was over a length of gray polybutylene plastic pipe, that had been ripped out during the plumbing lines replacement.


The third, it was only a foot away from me, it was by my side, but I was tired, and I more or less just accepted it, like it was a housecat. Again, it seemed to be parked over the PBP pipe and somehow it seemed to be eating ions extracted from that piece of pipe, somehow.


I think that it was well aware of who I was, because it was the same critter that Nostradamus had conjured in Deloris Cannon's book. I have no idea what it's doing as of late, have not been into the crawl space, but I know that it would never hurt me.



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