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Dream recorder


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  • 2 weeks later...

For a dream recorder to exist, we must first learn how to convert an individual’s memories into computerized data. That way, it would become possible to record dreams. If you are interested, I suggest you either study or specialize in neuroscience~ Actually, even I wanted something like that in order to study the “alternate reality” I perceive in my mind. Unlike my usual dreams in the past, they had come to a point where all the dreams are always connected with one another as they are always set in the same “world”, with each dream featuring or repeating locations in our physical world only with various differences. Heck, the mechanics of reality are pretty screwed there as they are completely different from ours and yet everyone else would perceive that as their “reality” whereas our reality is “fantasy” to them.


Seriously, you show a lot of promise~ I can’t wait to have discussions with you in the future~



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