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Guest DaViper



Yeah I'd CERTAINLY agree with you that there is no evidence to support the idea that multiple universes CANNOT be so, just as there is evidence that they COULD be so, but as yet are unproved.


The problem they present for me is purly logical, not based on anything I can prove either way.


Just as Time02112 has stated (if I interpret correctly,) my reference to free will is irrespective of whether I accept it or not. Point taken. But, I'm still left with having to ask "why"?


Physics to me is perfectly logical in all things we know and understand so far. Multiverse Theory violates this logic in MY mind. It's an "Occam's Razor" thing.


But hey... If Multiple Universes exist, so be it. As yet, I don't see it and need more evidence before I can buy into it whole heartedly.


The "memory" idea is interesting tho.


By the way.....


To ALL...


I started another thread on the topic before I noticed this one was rolling. Sorry. Maybe the moderator can delete it or throw my post I made on it into this one.


rgrunt, borgus and Time02112 please catch the post I made there and then we can pick it up here if you all prefer.





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Okay TT_O, I got to admit your device looks familiar to me. However, I doubt you can Time Travel with that. Looks like something you put together with old radio equipment from your garage, more like it.


I used to play with stuff like this when I was 1 year old, so maybe that's why it looks familiar to me.


Nevertheless, there is no way, that that device could have gotten you here from almost 40 years into the future. That's just to rich... ? Lol.


-Javier C.



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So you think everyone who meets you should automatically find something to like about you? Man, how arrogant can someone be? Unlike you, I don't strive to be liked, and I don’t ask people to believe me when I post scientific explanations to back up my story of being a Time Traveler.


You came to this board claiming to be a Time Traveler. No one should go unquestioned of their motives if say they are. You can be as articulate with your words as much as you want. And it may convince some that you are who you claim to be. However, the fact of the matter still remains, all I did was ask the questions no one was asking. So please forgive me for being a Time Travel Activist with morals.


A fighter for Truth and Freedom, till the end,


Javier Cortez



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Probably because of the confusion of the board, you have not yet commented to my post directed toward you. I'm very interested in your further comments on the greed of humanity during this time, and perhaps still in your time.




You're unique perspective of humanity at this point (2001 and 2036) is valuable. Please share as much thoughts as you can.


Also, can you record a quick voice message for us before you leave?



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Also, here is my question from a previous post...


((having lived through the self destruction of the human race, what sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will humans colonolize and expand through the solar system? Or will we be forever bound to our inward existance, measuring the past, fearfull of the future.))



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Guest DaViper



What I like about TT_0 is his adherence to "character". Meaning that this is first and foremost a board devoted to Time Travel which at this point in our human history is pure fiction.


Even the moderators and creators of this board are careful to point that out right on the home page at the bottom. Lest we forget.


So... having said that, I must admit TT_0 has woven a personna that is rather well crafted in my opinion. In other words, I take him as he prefers to be referenced to. It's a "camp" thing. A Tongue-in-cheek kinda process.


I find his philosphical dissertations to be interesting, and for the most part, reflective of an idealism that indicate what shape he would LIKE to see the world BE in in 40 years. With a dose of caution thrown in for what he sees as possible threats to further enlightenment, and the erosion of personal freedoms that are occuring around us on an almost daily basis. Actually quite creative on his part if we take it all with the grain of salt that is apropos to the situation.


In the end, if Time Travel is to be solved, is it not goung to take creative thought to do it?


We've beaten the old concepts to death on this board for a few years now.


I merely suggest that ANY approach to the problem that deviates from these old concepts is a creative and therefore productive one.


If TT_0 wants to assume the role of futirist-as-time-traveller, I say OK. But then I'm a pragmatic sort of guy who is into the sceptism of "show me the money" mentality.


Is it possible to show how some of his mechanics cannot possibly be true? Of Course.


But is it possible to show how his philosophical approach is flawed? Well, that becomes another problem entirely. Not one so easy to dismiss.





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((Are the Olympics still being played in your time?))


As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004. However, it appears they may be revived in in 2040.


((would it not be possible to use that recording to back track to your original starting point without any divergence at all? It seems that all it would take it is a couple lines of programming in the computer-controlled system))


Perhaps it’s better to say it’s so highly improbable as to be considered impossible. A good example is the concept of trying to get closer to something by cutting the distance in half for every step you take. Since the computer is basically making calculations from an imperfect model of reality, there are no absolutes. I also believe there is a theory that states you would have to violate the speed of light limit to have a perfect ZD.


((Have you ever read the book Six Nightmares by Anthony Lake? Why only two windows of opportunity for you to start your time machine? Would this have something to do with the weather?))


I haven’t read that book but I will try to find it if you recommend it. The weather isn’t a factor as much as gravitational tidal forces are at the point of arrival.


((You mentioned that the same goes for soldiers in our worldline. Yes, true. But do you not disaprove of war, just like me? I think it's immoral so I stand with my previous statement.))


I disapprove of murder. Man as a species is incapable of changing his nature through will alone and war is a tool of biology. The ability for war sleeps in each one of us and we must decide what we will do before the beast awakens. As for morality, again I point to the “universal” balance of good and evil. For every worldline where there is peace, there is a worldline that has destroyed itself.


((what's the use of bringing back an IBM 5100 to a slightly different worldline, knowing that there are just as many or even more worldlines in which no-one returns to bring back the IBM 5100. It sounds a bit like charity in favour of other worldlines.))


The decisions and actions we take as individuals can only help those who we have direct interaction with. I believe it is wrong to be capable of helping and do nothing. My struggle is in the irony that if everyone just “did nothing”, on every worldline, there would be no action and thus no immorality or evil (no good either).


((I'm very interested in your further comments on the greed of humanity during this time, and perhaps still in your time. You're unique perspective of humanity at this point (2001 and 2036) is valuable. Please share as much thoughts as you can.))


Please feel free to ask anything you like.


((Also, can you record a quick voice message for us before you leave?))


Yes. I am considering trying to videotape my departure and having my parents post it after I leave. That should keep you all busy for a while.


((having lived through the self destruction of the human race, what sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will humans colonolize and expand through the solar system? Or will we be forever bound to our inward existance, measuring the past, fearfull of the future.))


Keep in mind that not all humans were destroyed but we were all affected. There is a effort going into colonizing space because it is believed that the problems of overpopulation were a large cause of the war. Personally, my generation sees itself as having a duty to try and repair the mess our fathers handed to us. When we were young, most of us had a small taste of the world you live in now and our only dream is to clean it up and give it back to those still able to have children.



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((Yes. I am considering trying to videotape my departure and having my parents post it after I leave. That should keep you all busy for a while.))


Right... Why not give us your location, so we can all see your departure take place in person? For all we know, you may make some visual special effects and pass it off as the real thing.





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Hi Timetravel_0,


Your answers made perfect sense. However, I found another glitch in your "defence".


It's true, if you're able to help someone, you should. By going back to 1975, an infinite number of other worldlines emerge, just because of you coming to 1975. At least half of them undoubtly has "a happy ending", but the other half doesn't. So while helping people on certain worldlines, you're probably making the lifes of people on other worldlines miserable. Just a thought!


Greetings from dry Amsterdam


Roel van Houten


P.S. TimeTravelActivist, you seem to suffer from some form of paranoia. Snap out of it. No offense.



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Paranoid, me? How am I paranoid?


Is a Police officer not concerned about being shot when he goes to work?


Is walking home late at night through a dark alley safe?


Does danger not exist?


So what if we react to them, and decide to take caution.


Anyway's, you know what they say about those that are paranoid. They are offten right .


But no, I am not paranoid, just cautious.





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You mentioned in one of your past postings, that your world-Line has established a decentralized form of Independant "Generators" to produce energy for independant dwelling areas since most people occupy "Rural" areas. Could you elaborate more on how this was done?


*What kind of generators are being used to produce your energy?


*How do they work?


*Is there perhaps, any relation of interconnectedness, to our current energy problems being faced on our world-line right now that gave way to pioneer the use of the independant generators being used on your current world-line?


Please read the following, and give us your comments pertaining, and how this makes a connection to the way your world-line operates on.


I would like to point out, that the response met by the power companies in the midst of our current energy crisis in the form of "Rolling Black-Outs" is nothing short, than an act of "Capitalistic Terrorism"




"You Should Hear, What I Really Think"!!


...Meanwhile, you might wish to review my recent press release.




"TAP-TEN Research Foundation To Produce Next Generation Independent Power Generators!"


Conservative approaches by reducing our usage of energy by use of other alternatives such as "Wind, Solar, or other forms of more effective insulation, is very effective, and reduces a customers electric costs, but it again places much financial burdens upon the customer, and is not a consideration to tenants who rent from building owners, that refuse to spend their profits for these upgrades, or those who simply cannot afford these much needed upgrades. Again this process will take many years before it is as common as an ordinary housould appliance.


although conservative use of our demands for power, may teach us to become more resourceful with our energy, it is no "Magic Bullet" in relation to put a stop to the ongoing energy crisis at hand.


Perhaps if our Nation's Hindsight was at best from the beginning, we would have no need for this conversation, but you must not loose sight of what a society that continues to sponsor leaders that support their own interests in the name of economic GREED! (Sorry) but it's much to late in the game to expect this to become the most effective resolution to solve our current(no pun intended) energy crisis, within a given time-frame that would put a stop to this.


In order to put an end to this ongoing problem, you must go directly to the root of the source, or "Sources" that continue to contribute to delaying any actions that would resolve these issues, and one of the most important issues that gives good reason to fight for, that any true Patriot would agree to, is in relation to my "Prior" comments on changing Legislative regulations that quite frankly, "Get in our own way" & "Prohibit" any Alternative energy efficient devices that are non-detrimental to our environment!


The following example below, represents just one, of many examples of "Available" technology that demonstrates an alternative no-detrimental to our Environment to provide us with efficient, non invasive, independent "Power Producing" alternative energy devices.


The Home Of Primordial Energy http://www.depalma.pair.com


Website of the Late Mr. Bruce Depalma


(Scroll down, and click on the "Audio" icon, to listen to a pre-recorded "Interview" from 1997 while Bruce Depalma was alive & well, as he goes into elaborated details, describing his overunity, N-1


" Homopolar electrostatic Generator."


Mr. Bruce Depalma has received a series of International Patent Awards for this Incredible Invention based on Faraday's principles of extracting electricity direct from rotating doughnut shaped magnets counter-rotating with opposing polarity.


Welcome to "FREE ENERGY " : Don't take MY word for it. Take it from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office! http://newebmasters.com/freeenergy


...or you may wish to examine various others out there who have been attempting for several years to bring "Alternative" Energy Devices to market through their research. Again, it is not the lack thereof for reasonably sound methods to "REPLACE" our need for fossil fuels, however before any of them can become a reality, we must go direct to the source & attempt to "REPLACE" the ambitious intentions by those leaders whom are fueled by greed, & will stop at nothing to blockade anything that detracts from their kingdoms of centralized power, depending on the oil cartels!






NOTE:> All of the following links can be found at the following website of Alternative Sciences http://www.thwww.com/mrwizard/aspage1.htm


ZERO-POINT FIELD-information on Dr. Haisch's theoretical research into the Zero-Point Field.


FREE ENERGY- Theory- Devices and Progess, A review by Patrick G. Bailey, Ph. D.


REVIEW OF FREE ENERGY EXPERIMENTS--summary review is presented of the experiments and demonstrations that have been reported in the past few years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation.


STIRLING ENGINE-The Stirling engine was invented in 1816 and can use any type of fuel, as well as solar energy.


GEET Releases Technology For FREE! - Paul Pantone founder of Global Environmental Energy Technology recently announced that he would release their "Small Engine Plans" (< 20 HP) for FREE! Plans are now available online.


COLD FUSION-a list of links to sources of cold fusion info available on the net.


COLD FUSION TECHNOLOGY-See what the newest research is yielding, and learn the intriguing possibilities of what the future might hold.


ENERGY INFORMATION-Automobiles achieved between 171(1936) and 376(1973) mpg. Yet, government, industry, media and 'environmental groups' say that to achieve 40 mpg an automobile must be downsized.


ELECTRIFYING TIMES-breakthroughs in electric car design are making this mode of transportation more of a feasible reality.


PERFECT SCIENCE AD-has developed a formula to aid in the purification of hydrocarbons. This formula succeeded in breaking the hydrocarbon chain, transforming it into fatty and amino acids. A MUST VISIT SITE.


THREE EXPERIMENTS ON FREE ENERGY-an open letter written to the Space Energy Association, from Harold Aspden.


INSTITUTE FOR NEW ENERGY-Advanced Energy Conversion, New Energy, Free Energy, Zero-Point-Energy, Rotational-Electromagnetics, Earth Electromagnetics, and more.


POLLUTION-FREE Energy Generator -a claim that a perpetual motion device that does not break the first and second laws of thermodynamics has been designed.


FREE ENERGY PAGE-Free Energy Antigravity website by Rick Todish


GYROSCOPIC INERTIAL THRUSTER-This website is a detailed description of a tested and proven "reactionless" inertial propulsion device.


JOSEF HASSLBERGER WEB SITE-an attempt to catalyse energies for change. The economy, physics and technology are in dire need of renewal!


IARC-Ionically Assisted Reaction Cell-a unique fuel cell that could answer our electrical supply problems.


MORE BEARDEN-The Files in this area are produced by T. E. Bearden. The Directories include: The Final Secret of Free Energy with Comment, plus many others.


TESLA COIL-Tesla’s best-known invention


LOST INVENTIONS OF TESLA-links to numerous Tesla sites.


TESLA COILS- How they work, with excellent photos.


TESLA'S ELECTRIC CAR!!!-very interesting article from KeelyNet.


TESLA'S Free Energy Receiver-patented in 1901 as An Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy.


Dear Time02112,


Thank you for your kind words of support. I have just updated my


alternate web site, and another update will come later. You should


visit: . You may want to bookmark our web site


and watch for updates. We have seven more busts to donate, two of


which are going to the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University.


Also, we are negotiating with Columbia University now. After paying


for these busts our coffer is bare, so we are planning to resume our


T-shirt sales later to earn money for additional busts. We are not


selling them now. Perhaps later you will want to support us by


buying a T-shirt. We hope so because we can use all the help we can


get. Our quest has not been an easy one.


Did you happen to see the PBS documentary on Tesla December 12? If


not, you should watch your TV guide for possible reruns. Stacy


Keach, the Hollywood actor, narrates the voice of Tesla. I recently


received a letter from Stacy who also congratulates us on our work.




The documentary is based on Margaret Cheney's latest book, TESLA,


MASTER OF LIGHTNING. She cites our work in preserving Tesla's memory


three times in this book. It is available from Barnes and Noble at


the following URL:




If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me.




John W. Wagner


Ann Arbor, MI http://www.concentric.net/~jwwagner


We welcome you & your associates to join us, and share your talents to work for our common goal to provide free energy to the world, "In Honour of the Memory of Mr. Nicola Tesla"


--- Time02112


TAP-TEN Research Foundation http://Tap-Ten.org



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Your use of the english language is, for the lack of a better word "bland". It is very good english, smooth well paced and perhaps more meaningfull and accurate, than I am used to hearing. Better than I can wright myself, in fact. There isn't enough "color" there to make me think your are a professional wrighter, but maybe you could be.


My point is that I don't detect anything in your language use that is "futuristic" or that would peg you down to any particular time or place of up-bringing. I'm far from an expert on the subject, but I'll bet a linguist would have a field day with it.


Question: would your introduction of future language terms, if you used them, have any undesireable effects? Perhaps causing time feed back loops?


In short, you are just too damned logical. We don't get much of that these days.


Trick question: Is George W. W. W. Bush & Co. trying to take over the - - World? I mean if some one were to try and grab ALL the marbles mightent that lead to the war of which you speak?



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Guest DaViper



Thanx again for the links.


You are the purveyor of reference material around here.


I wish I had "Time" to be as thorough about it as you.


(Perhaps I do in another Universe and just don't know it.)





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Thanks for the kind words DaViper!


I believe that we are heading for a


360 degree human evolutionary assention process, and soon enough as the photon belt draws nearer to our solar system we might all embark upon undescribable experienses within the masses that will even be much more difficult for science to explain, let alone "explain away" lest the debunkers of human history reach their final climax of getting themselves "debunked" and to thwart the tyrannic kings of Dark Age tacticts.


It is my contention that there is, and has always been some form of inter-connectedness between the emperical perceptions of Science & Physics, and the Etherical/Esoterical & Religious fields of study in relation to our earliest accounts of human history, dating back to the cradle of civilization in Sumeria & Babylon (which is the oldest known records of earth's human history.)


and it's continued connection to why it is every 3600 yrs that we seem to have mysteriously jumped by quantum leaps into evolution & technological advanvements?


Perhaps things like these, only a Time~Traveller could know for certain.



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Guest DaViper



I'd say on the philosophical level I certainly agree with you.


What's odd, is that on the philosophical level I agree with TT_0 also.


Go figure!


For me, It's really about how we can apply creative thought to solving the problems that have plagued the human race since it's inception.


If we are ever to solve the question of "Time Travel" or any other of the newly aware concepts we face now since we have come technologically this far, it will be through throwing off the old prejudices of the past, having the FAITH in ourselves to do so, and give up the antogonistic ways we have lived by for so many generations.


Frankly, to me, the only "clan" left on Earth is the Human Race. WE ARE IT. And it is time we start viewing ourselves as "Earthlings" instead of Frenchmen, or Americans, or Jews, or Hindus, or White Guys, or Negroes, or Trailer Trash, or Kings.


Hey, WE are the inhabitants of Earth. And it's time for us to start thinking like it.


In the end, we ALL have something to say.


And it behooves ALL of us to at least listen.





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Timetravel would collapse all speculative markets instantly, because all markets are based on GUESSING what will happen next. It would throw us back into the stone age, or at least as far back as the Clinton era. The horror appalls me, can you immagine having to look at Newt Gringich again?


Next subject. That giant sucking sound you hear? Its the electric grid sucking the life out of the economy. You see y2k didn't work, so now they have to SHUT our power off the hard way.


(PS) what ever you do don't try hiding in the Bushes..... hate to hit and run butttttttttttttttttttttt



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Guest DaViper



Nice article.




I hope rgrunt sees this. I think it's along the same lines he's hypothesizing. At least his "energy density" idea anyway.





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