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To the board:


Please don't send me any more messages for John.


John is no longer in this worldline... he has went home.


When I receive the video of John's departure I will send a copy of it to Rick to put on his web site.




the time jump one that is currently there is not John's I will make sure it is clearly marked.


John requested to please not harass anyone who was unlucky enough to have the name John Titor because it will not be him.


He said he was flattered that his words were being dissected so carefully but that he could see you were applying your own standards and thoughts to what was said.


He wanted me to remind you that people in different times do not think the same way you do and a cultures maturity is determined by how far it can plan into the future.


please be patient on the video.


John......goodbye my friend.






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Guest Carlo



within one hundred years you would not be understand. Because now in this piece of future that the present thinking about is passed that or step to him, one knows that it is not possible to travel of a universe to other without being located in some, is to say to have one energy To in that universe, the unico way is to interchange energy between that and this universe ( the now). but all relation is indetermine as the possible space wrinkles or limit of the material universe give the answer in teory inflationary of the universe teory, where the enlazante agent of universes is until this indetermine but reused future.



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the way you speak, and words you use, leave me much to question? and ponder,,,


Although I am aware that your speech pattern gives an indication, that you are not of English, or Euro decent; that tells me that you must in no doubt, be frome some other region of the globe.


On the other hand, your speech pattern enhances words that seem foriegn, and very seldom used, (Please explain)


Additionaly, you have expressed words that are not common, below levels of a standard 2yr. graduate program, which demonstrates a higher learning experience on your part.


(Who are you?)


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Guest Carlo

pardon by my ingles.


And my single commentary is a form to see the things that here are discussed.



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I Want to ask you about -The Gravity Distortion Time Displacement Unit- you have. Could you send me the full technical manual to [email redacted] thanks! I watched your video using this device and was awesome! I built up a time portal years later with some similar effects.




Time & Space Bureau Commission


Time Machines Forever



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Guest DaViper







Carlo's speech in English may not be what we are accustomed to, but his semantic attempts lend new credence and contemplation to the thoughts he expresses very well indeed.






Your thoughts are very much appreciated by this reader.


In YOUR case, the lack of fluency in commonly accepted "English", is turning out to be an ASSET for you in expression itself.


I like your thoughts.


And I wish I spoke Spanish as well as you speak English.


You've seen my attempts, and they pale in comparison.


Give us more.





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Guest DaViper

P.S. Time02112:


rgrunt says you're a "jar" too huh.




SSgt. L. Hill (Former)


MOS 2533


(Microwave Communications Instructor, CW Operator. 1st ANGLICO - no longer existent as a unit.)




... STILL in Hawaii. As a civie. And one of the FEW people here who has actually ever been to Kaho'olawe. (Check it out on your map. It's the little one just south of Maui.)


I love it here.





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(Repeated Posting)...


The Parr Gravity Wheel Experiment, The Gravity Wheel, Gravity Car Proposal, Single Pole Generator The Bedini Hamel Magnetic gate, means of propulsion for a flying disk UFO, An examination of the energy machine of Joseph Newman, Method and apparratus for accumulating electrical energy and transforming ether electricity, Structural Shape and Design of a UFO, Making a wimshurst electro static generator, Electrical Current Generator including Torque Reducing Countermagnetic Field, Sonic Levitation, High Frequency generator, Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy, The Hubbard Energy Transformer by Gaston Burridge, A motor operated by radio waves, Some Improvement in the construction of electro magnets, Hydrogen Fuel generator, Marko Rodin's on his unusual coil design, An Ion electrical generator, Your Car can run on water using this device without pollution, Making your own electrostatic machine, Water Powered Motors, FREE - GEET Multi-Fuel Conversion Plans updated, Very detailed Indian Research Paper on some perpetual motion observations, Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing from the Active Vacuum... http://www2.murray.net.au/users/egel/content1.htm



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Dedication: In memory of TT_0...


Your "Questions, Coments, Concerns" are respectively appreciated with utmost sencerity, in liue they are indeed provided with "Integrity" and likewise sincerity "Without" ulteriour motives to make mockery, or undermine the intentions of the author!


Understand this,


I would not expect anything less than an equal application of those who sincerly wish to make an honest effort to contribute to this forum with simplicity of a sincere charachture, one with "Integrety, and Mutual Respect" Please follow this "Code of Honour" and you will be treted likewise.


Godspeed on your Journies of adventure, whereverst they taketh you too, my friend...


may Good Health, and a Prosporous & Productive Long Life of many works you leave behind, continue to follow you untill the end of days.



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Photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass. They are the carriers of the electromagnetic field. If only at absolute zero the inertial and gravitational forces are unified as believed by some researchers, then a simulation of the absolute zero condition may be possible. EM standing wave confinement of a symmetrical resonance state should approximate the required conditions at temperatures well above the absolute zero point. The approximation could result in a type of inertia we don’t normally encounter. Provided that a standing wave confinement condition is achieved for a time sufficient to be measured. A standing wave appears to be stationary hence the term standing wave. It is this condition that should approximate a frozen in time state. Just how this type of inertia reacts or interact with the ZPF will provide possible new insights. The above model is a suggestion of this idea.


The subatomic proton and neutron are both believed made from three quarks. Could this design be a MACRO proton or antiproton? Since gravity fields act on and in proportion to the fundamental structures of matter, what if that basic structure became huge? If we could then freeze the resonance of that


particle would it act strangely? Would it have an inertia or gravitational effect?


We have found that when an object is forced to accelerate, it will see the ZPF to be asymmetric, or in other words, distorted. Due to this distortion the accelerating object will see a zero-point flux of energy and momentum coming at it, whereas ordinarily, when the object is not being accelerated, the ZPF is perfectly uniform and symmetric. A key result of our analysis is that these fluxes prove to be proportional to the acceleration of the object, i.e. the more rapid the acceleration, the more the ZPF is distorted. Material objects consist of charged quarks and electrons, which will tend to scatter any oncoming electromagnetic flux. When all the quarks and electrons in an object scatter the distorted ZPF passing through, the object will experience a kind of drag force. We are proposing that this might be what the inertia reaction force really is... the drag force due to being accelerated through the vacuum fields. In this view, objects would not intrinsically resist being accelerated; objects would not possess mass. Mass would really be just a way of characterizing the resistance due to the ZPF molasses (or in the future more general case, the quantum vacuum molasses) that kicks in upon acceleration.……..A non-geometric (i.e. flat spacetime) approach to gravity is legitimate in quantum gravity. Similarly another non-geometric approach would be to assume that the dielectric properties of space itself may change in the presence of matter: this can be called the polarizable vacuum (PV) approach to gravity. Propagation of light in the presence of matter would deviate from straight lines due to variable refraction of space itself, and other GR effects such as the slowing down of light (as judged by a distant observer) in a gravitational potential would also occur. But of course it is the propagation of light from which we infer that spacetime is curved in the first place. This raises the interesting possibility that GR may be successful and yet not because spacetime is really curved: rather because the point-to-point changes in the dielectric (refractive) properties of space in the presence of matter create the illusion of geometrical curvature. A PV type of model does not directly relate gravitation to the ZPF (or to the more general quantum vacuum) but it does appear to provide a theoretical framework conducive to developing the conjecture of Sakharov that it is changes in the ZPF that create gravitational forces"


Excerpt Below from: Fran De Aquino




"Fran De Aquino's research involves many aspects of


Gravitation and Cosmology. After thirty years of research the professor De Aquino discovered that the gravitational and inertial masses are correlated by a factor, which depends on the incident radiation upon the particle. He showed that there is a direct correlation between the radiation absorbed by the particle and its gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass….here is the possibility of control of the gravitational mass by means of the incident radiation. This theoretical result was recently experimentally confirmed …..Consequently there is a strong evidence that the gravitational forces can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation." ( Italics Added )


"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"- Albert Einstein



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Subject: Could "EMP Weapons" (elctro-magneticp pulse/beam weapons) of


the Future, pose a threat to any "Techno-Dependant" Nation, resisting


the efforts of progression to NWO's Global Dominace by enforcement


plans of reducing them to a 3rd world nation overnight, via


implementation, and deployment of these "EMP" weapons?


Please give this careful thought to those concerned, or NOT! because


this just migh be comming soon, to a neighborhood near you! I mean


when you really think about it folks, this would not even have been


an option 30n yrs ago, or prior!


"Everything depends on the global computer grid now, including


communications, transportation of passangers & goods, and right down


wher it hurts the most... Banks & Power to run this great & wonderful


Economy of ours.



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We must "Envision" - Forward, be deducing what is happening all over again."


There is a fine line between "Art Imitating Life" and "Life Imitating Art" which often confuses the medium of our perceptions of Reality.




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  • 5 years later...

And why not? It was a request, and I don't need your permission.


If anything, it is your problem, since someone else wanted to read it.


This thread is merely a thread of words.


What this thread really needs in the end is a win-win conclusion, not an opinion, not a one-sided I win-you lose conclusion, or a I lose-you win conclusion, but the result of a I win- you win conclusion, or any other combination of that form. I think I will quit dreaming then about it.



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If you're bumping a thread for no other reason than to bump it, than you're a troll. If you bump a thread to make a point, then you have a point but you do not- apparently you bumped this thread just to insult whoever take objections to you bumping this thread for no good reason. Why shouldn't this thread be bumped? Because it's over five years old, because no one who was engaged in this discussion is still here and because you have no point to make. This makes you a troll, troll.


I know this is good stuff but it's more archival information than anything else- all we can ever do is comment on it and that's why we have threadS.



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Today, yet another thing Titor predicted has finally turned up in the news. It's not real surprising, because everyone who read Titor knew that he was probably right about this, but its still worth acknowledging that he saw this coming a long ways off, and comprehended the significance of it.


From http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070112/ap_on_re_as/china_gender_imbalance


China facing major gender imbalance


36 minutes ago


China will have 30 million more men of marriageable age than women in less than 15 years as a gender imbalance resulting in part from the country's tough one-child policy becomes more pronounced, state media reported Friday. Traditional preferences for sons has led to the widespread - but illegal - practice of women aborting babies if an early term sonogram shows it is a girl.


The tens of millions of men who will not be able to find a wife could also lead to social instability problems, the China Daily said in a front-page report.


China imposed strict population controls in the 1970s to limit growth of its huge population, but one side effect has been a jump in gender selection of babies.


"Discrimination against the female sex remains the primary cause of China's growing gender imbalance," Liu Bohong, vice director of the women studies institute under the All-China Women's Federation, was quoted as saying in a report from the State Population and Family Planning Commission.


Sex selective abortion is prohibited but the government says the practice remains widespread, especially in rural areas.


The report, carried in the newspaper, said China's sex ratio for newborn babies in 2005 was 118 boys to 100 girls, a huge jump from 110 to 100 in 2000.


In some regions such as the southern provinces of Guangdong and Hainan, the ratio has ballooned to 130 boys to 100 girls, the newspaper said. The average for industrialized countries is between 104 and 107 boys for every 100 girls.


The report predicted that by 2020 the imbalance would mean men of marriageable age — especially those with low income or little education — would find it difficult to find wives, resulting in possible social problems.


The problem is not just a rural issue, with the newborn gender imbalance also widening in cities. In the first 11 months of 2006, there were 109 boys born in Beijing for every 100 girls.


China Daily said one way to solve the problem would be to create a proper social security system so rural couples would not feel they needed a son to depend on when they get old.


Up to 800 million of China's 1.3 billion people live in the countryside.

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If the last post made on this thread before you bumped it was on 4/18/01, and you've been a registered user since 9/14/03, then how could you have been one of the original posters?


And I don't see how "Scotty, can you give her any more? Captain, I don't think she can take any more!" refers to ANYTHING on this thread apart from trolling.


Well- what is your reason for reviving this thread?



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