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How Egyptian, Star Wars curses are related and the Borg


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If you track back in time, you will observe that there is a window of opportunity for the Egyptian and Star Wars curses to merge.


How the Egyptian King Tut complaint occurred, is that King Tut's spirt, did not want to be put on tour. As his spirt along with his matrons sent to the afterlife with him were concerned, his place of rest and destiny should have been in remaining within his tomb complex. Tutankhamun - Wikipedia


Instead both his mummified body along with his riches meant for the afterworld, were disturbed and removed.This condition at the time, had made King Tuts spirt extremely angry. He merged with an American youth and this was, one to explain to him of his dismay and two, he befriended the American and taught him a lot.


When the movie Star Wars was aired, because there are at least one hundred of the Star Wars incarnates here on Earth, the effect of this movie, since in probability it was taken from a past life existence, was for those incarnates of that past era, brought into this one, were flashbacks after seeing the first of the movie series.Are Star Wars & The Force Real?


This could not be, because part of thre written deal was, that the incarnated to this planet would never been infracted upon, due to their relationships to the past characters of this past time.


The Borg-like creatures; What most do not know, is that these space warts, were thousands of year old.So this leave time from many of these advanced societies to have developed either extremely advanced robots and androids.But also through the process of evolution, merge with machines, to become of super culture.


This last tenant of philosophy in putting everything together, is that many older societies and or unknown agencies based off world, could take offence in the pirating of information that was supposed to have been rested in the past.


This is why both disturbing the gave site of a past Egyptian king and the disturbance of past wars, also involving royal lines, may be just plain dangerous?


From what is put forwards here, this may be why the veracity of the pest seer Nostradamus's prediction, of an off world alien invasion in 2017, may not be so far off. We can all tempt fate by wading in the ocean, where an occasional shark might come by the beach sometimes, however it is sheer foolishness, to tempt fate by wading into the water, with a bleeding cut, in an Oceanside, that is noted for its predictors.


Note link in how advanced some alien societies may be and this is still older reported information about them.Hunter recalls shocking encounter with alien robot -- Sott.net


On the now known danger of a Borg-like alien invasion, this is exactly what I am saying, the danger is here.


*SPECIAL EDIT; there is evidence that both the Egyptian influence and the Star Wars influence have merged. It seems that in back of the Star Wars contrivance to steal past existences, in order to make a profit off of it, by criminals and low life, did exist.The deciding factor is however that no none realizes how self dangerous these actions were.



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