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Aliens technology and predictions, Borg-like cube spotted


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For a source here, I suggest the following book. Amazon.com: Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, Vol. 1 (9780922356010): Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus: Books


And what's going on here, is that Dolores had intimate through time link-ups with past physician / seer Nostradamus. What this area of contact had been, was a series of unit wide secular to a time contacts. Cannon had gotten to know this past seer quite well.


I at that time, had been at a differing location, but was apprised of her contacts. He must have been conscious of me, through me simply reading her book and also being a prime target contactee.


I do not know, if any present, an attempt by him to reach other times? When you get slipped into time travel, what begins to occur is that wide numbers of other people, beings of all sorts and even machine-life get to know you.


This action is what must have occurred with Cannon's doings.


Why this is a verification source, is a secondary claim that 2017 would be a prime year for alien contact, for this human race. What the particulars are surrounding the general alien situation, is that the Earth human gene poll was used as a taken / stolen gene source for aliens for many years.However' because Earth's vicinity is going through it seems a frequency change, the "here it is free genes for the taking ", syndrome, may now be slacking off, due to the secondary stem from the overuse syndrome.


This condition reads in similar fashion to a form of,.. lot scurvy,.. to where the primacy of the genetic stance, is degraded, from just messing around with it. This is the biological version of violation, similar to the uncertainty principle, because in a remote way, the human genome is being adjusted.


So these ships may be teleported types of vessels, capable of taking entire neighborhoods, to distant worlds. They would not necessarily be acting as the Borg in any fashion. All that may be tripping the (Borg warning), is the similarity within these ship's design?


For sources on the predicted alien invasion, enter the search words, (Nostradamus predicts alien invasion year 2017), in many search and online media sources. Thank you



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