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So, you're like one pearl on a string of pearls being worn on one neck.


Question 1) Are you using a male or female body?


"""""""""2) Can you see, or do you have to " time share" the eyes?


""""""""""3) Was there ever an original soul that came with the body? If so, did one of you all kick the poor thing out?


""""""""""4) Do you use this body to mate with other humans, and do you time share that also? Or is it like a one for all kinda thing?


""""""""""5) What have you learned about the human race thus far?



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Yeah, that's an analogy I've never heard, but that's more or less it, lol. I really need to get everyone to make a FAQ video xD




1. The Hotel side body is female.


2. Well, we can "time share", but we call it "looking out the front" or "co-fronting" when more than one person is fronting. Most of the time, only the person fronting is seeing the out-world.


3. As far as we know, there was 4 people originally born into the body, the rest came years later after we figured out we were plural.


4. Well, the females do use it for that type of stuff with our husband, but most of the males get dysphoria when using the body like that.


5. Well, given that we use a human body and most of us were born with a human-like body or in a world human-like, we know a great deal about humans xD .





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Well, I myself have many memories before I was born into this body with the others. I have not lived in other bodies, I don't think anyone did really except for a few, but I did have my own body and lived in another world similar to this one.


As for who made me? Like a god? Well, I do have my own beliefs about that, but everyone in here has their own thoughts too. And beginning history of my people? Like the people in the system or the people of my race or the history of the world I was in before this?


And yes, our husband does know :)





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Well, Jenffa had a life of a girl with brownish blonde hair. She says her world was much like this one but there was a kingdom that ruled and they had many more celebrations based on the lunar cycles and also the technology was more.... "sophisticated but 'humble' looking". She says her favorite meal to eat was this special dish they called Lunis Keik which is similar to Tres Leche Cake in this world but it was a sponge dish soaked in a special sauce they made in that world. her favorite thig to do was to explore the courtyards and celebrate all the holidays and explore with her brother.





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I think it might have been both, I'd have to ask her when I see her.


Another one? Well, Jacob is from a world that has 2 massive landmasses on either side of his world. He says that one is similar to Eastern Europe and Asia and the other is more like Western Europe and South/North America. The Eastern continent is more... "traditional" and has less technology but more folklore and use of "magic" and has more kingdoms while the Western continent is much more advanced in technology and not so relient on othet means. He says the moon in his world is much larger than this one. He also says that his world had more species and legends than this one.





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this is from my book


Ok I'm just going to go ahead and tell you everything that I know that they told me and everything I know I have permission to say.


Tuesday February 3, 11142


Communications breakthrough begins the "age of transmission correspondence"


Tuesday January 8, 31918


Begins the "age of particle teleportation"


Wednesday, May 8, 42233


Age of interstellar particle teleportation


Thursday, August 15, 50571


Begin research and development of RHPTT technologies. (Remote host photo telepathy technology)


Tuesday, July 10, 53364


RHPTT becomes available


Friday, June 5, 54235


Begin research and development of resurrection medicine and afterlife technologies.


Wednesday, May 7, 63264


The creation of the "resurrection recovery agency" is established/begin "age of human resurrections"


Sunday, October 20, 66396


Church of the human condition is established as governing authority of all resurrection technology and operations.


Wednesday, March 5, 66399


Existential intelligence service is re established to protect the interests of the CHC and RRA.


I do not fully understand the meaning of these events and periods of time however I swear to you they were communicated to me through TTC network broadcast transmissions.



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I think these are fun to play with too.





Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. � Albert Einstein



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Howdy! My name is KassURL and just wanted to drop a line to officially introduce myself. As the title implies I'm quite the fan of time travel in all its aspects from the hard science to the more fictional. Hope to have some exciting discussions with you all!

Welcome. There are tons of discussions happening. Feel free to jump in. :)



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