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Anyone interested in a sample chapter from my book? It puts a crazy spin on the JFK assassination!

Dwayne Adams

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NOVEMBER 23, 1963


Dallas, Texas


The moment William Greer drove the limousine west on Elm Street and passed the Texas Book Depository Building, his third eye began to throb. He looked at his wrist and saw the time on his watch: 12:23 pm.


“Well, Mr. President. You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you…” he overheard the governor’s wife, Nellie Connally saying, as she turns around and looks at Jack Kennedy in the back of the limo with First Lady, Jackie.


“No, you certainly can’t.” said the president.


The sound of a firecracker rang out. Governor Connally, the husband of Nellie, looked around. He recognized what those sounds were, and they weren’t firecrackers.


It was the second shot that caught people’s attention. Who are they trying to kill? William wondered. He used his third eye to observe the area, and saw three homeless men taking shots at the car from different directions. The third shot was fired and immediately after, the back of the limo was covered in blood, brain and skull fragments.


It was Governor Connally.


A secret service agent by the name of Clint Hill, hopped on the back of the limo and ordered William Greer to drive faster. The plan was to get the president back to the airport, on the plane and the hell out of Dallas. William had other plans. The shooters were an unexpected interruption.


Who were they? William’s mind raced, trying to remember specific details of what appeared to be homeless men shooting at them from various directions. While the secret service agent was giving orders to the other agents through a walkie-talkie, Jackie and Jack were freaking out and Nellie Connally was screaming and crying for her dead husband.


They arrived at the airport five minutes later. Air Force One was ready to go as the president, his wife, his staff including William, and some media people crammed onto the plane.


Everyone was in shock. President Kennedy was at a loss for words. The only person who seemed angry but not about the tragedy, was the vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson. He was staring directly at William Greer.


William was sitting at the back of the plane, staring at the cockpit door, detached from the emotional melee that had everyone on edge. Suddenly, a mild wave of vertigo swept over everyone on the aircraft.


A few seconds later, an announcement came over the PA system: “Attention folks. We are experiencing an unusual cluster of dark clouds…perhaps a heavy rain storm coming in. I’m advised by flight control to fly above the clouds, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a steep ascension.”


“One of them is here…” said William, out loud.


The plane started to fly upright like a slightly slanted rocket. Everyone held on to the arms of their seats and felt their neck muscles straining to keep their heads up from the g-force. Turbulence shook the plane and everyone in it.


Once they entered the clouds, the entire plane went dark. The only source of light came from lightning bolts, that illuminated the plane like a strobe light. William decided, it was time to end this.


As he walked down the aisle, his hands gripping the back of each chair he passed making his way to the president. Someone shouted: “Hey! You’re not supposed to be standing! Is he nuts?!”


He got to the top of the row, stood in front of the president, staring him dead in the eyes. The president and everyone else were astonished by the way he stood upright despite the angle the plane was flying in.


“What d’ya got? Lead in ya shoes, Bill?” asked Kennedy baffled and half joking.


The bolts of electricity flashed, and everyone saw madness in William Greer’s face before the plane went dark again. Another lightning bolt strikes, and this time, William had no face at all.


A voice spoke inside the head of Jack Kennedy. It was the voice of his father, Joseph Kennedy, who died, two years ago, from a stroke.


“It’s time, Jack…” his father’s voice said.


“Time for what?” Jack Kennedy asked. No one knew who he was talking to.


“You had your turn, now let Joe have them.”




“Who are you talking to, Jack?” Jackie Kennedy asked.


“Your eyes, Jack. Give Joe your eyes.”


“But they’re mine!”


“They were never yours! Now obey your father…and give Joe your eyes!”


Kennedy looked up and saw his brother Joe’s face the next time the lightning illuminated William’s face. The president nodded his head, and obeyed his father.


As soon as he began gouging out his eyeballs, Lyndon Johnson and Jackie Kennedy grabbed his arms and tried to pull them away. William could not let them damage the eyes. They both heard the same voice in their heads: “Feast on your flesh.”


And so, they did.


Jackie held her left arm like a giant turkey leg and began biting off chunks of flesh. She screamed with her mouth full of blood and human meat, shaking violently, as did Lyndon John who was eating his tongue. Blood was flying everywhere.


The secret service agents were climbing their way to the hysteria when each of them heard a voice inside their heads saying: Kill! Kill them all!


And so, they did.


They shot everyone including Lyndon Johnson and Jackie Kennedy. When the agents were the only ones aside from Jack Kennedy alive, they received their final command. “Shoot yourselves in the pineal gland.”


The gunshots went off simultaneously. Three shots followed, almost one after the other. Those were the men who couldn’t find their firearms when he gave the command to kill themselves.


When Kennedy was done removing his eyes (William made sure the president took his time and pulled them out without crushing them), he handed them over to who he thought was his brother, Joe. Immediately after, the president toppled over and joined the dead.


The plane slowly began to straighten out as it reached the top of the clouds. The light slowly erased the darkness but could not wipe away the blood and fear that still lingered. William placed the eyes inside of a small silver box that he carried in his jacket pocket. William then looked at his watch that had four faces: three for telling time in alternate realities. The other was a compass. He stood before the dead bodies like he was giving a speech to a living audience.


“It’s time. I am not sorry for what has occurred here. You’ve all served your purpose, and now you will transcend to the other side. The House of Infinite Doors awaits you.”



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