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I was In contact with real aliens and time travelers!

shon young

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Usually, age regression entails temporal retrogression – losing one's memory back to the termination point of temporal translocation into the past. This is similar to rewinding the entire universe to a previous era. I suppose a very advanced form of technology might be a way to manifest biological regression without the chronological retrogression. Therefore you could retain all your memories with a biologically younger body and brain, while remaining here and now in the present time.

A temporal form of Mach's principle or wormhole science, actually allows for the rewinding of the universe idea, which is related to the

Gödel rotating universe...

Some people have speculated that grey aliens are time travelers from the future. That could be true but these visitors from the far future are not really interested in helping us. I suspect that we are basically the equivalent of experimental lab rats to them. For example, If WE traveled back in time several million years to observe our distant primate ancestors, I suspect that we might try to conduct experiments on them to alter their genetics. These grey aliens are probably doing the same thing to us.

I for one do not wish for my descendants to evolve into small grey creatures with no hint of humanity left in them.

The future with grey aliens is an alternate reality or alternate universe. We need to get busy and master the technology of time travel so we can travel into their reality and kick some grey alien butt...

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