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I’m not quite sure why you’ve limited responses on my first post, but i suppose that i owe you an explanation that is more in depth than what i’ve already shared with you all. The origin of the number 11 was a question i was asked and it will be my pleasure to answer it.


11:11 is a sequence of number that is personal to me. It has appeared countless times in my life prior to my arrival in your timeline on October 20th, 2016. Less so ever since. I did some digging on the significance of the number and it was mostly referred to as a “warning” of sort. I’m not into numerology or any deep meaning behind numbers personally, but for some reason, i feel drawn to it…I came up with a moniker that felt fitting to my current situation. I’ve lived in two different timelines so far, maybe even more, depending on how the phenomenon operates. When i came to your timeline, it felt like i had woken up from a thousand year coma. I also had the impression that i had lived many times over, many versions of myself at once. The past, present and future, the possibilities and ramifications. It’s hard to explain really, i could go in depth describing what i’ve seen during the “transition” but you probably wouldn’t believe me and i have a hard time coming to terms with it myself. All i can tell you is that i saw destruction, chaos, an apocalyptic future that had to be stopped…


The man you call “John Titor” was a real man in my timeline, not an alleged time traveler. I suspect that whoever warned you around the year 2000-2001 probably knew of his existence, somehow. He never existed in your timeline and everything related to his existence has been erased from history. His research, theories and books can’t be found anywhere, same as mentions of the man himself.


Fun fact, i was actually going to use the moniker “John Titor” as soon as i decided to communicate with others to expand my research, but i was utterly surprised when i found out that a situation i thought was simple science fiction had somehow come true in your timeline. The event related to “John Titor” and his mention of his “time machine” was all part of a work of fiction that made homage to the man and his work in my original timeline. None of it was drawn from a real world event and even less so to actually come true…


It’s probably confusing to imagine, but the event in question seemed to have been inspired by a work of fiction that only came to be around the year 2009, to my surprise. I don’t want to go in depth about it because i have no idea how it even worked to begin with, but it seems like a classic case of reverse temporal influence. Bottom line, i’m as confused as you when it comes to the matter of “John Titor.”


All i know is Titor did exist in my original timeline, but not yours. A lot of events and incidents diverge from my initial timeline and has a result, your timeline has discovered and invented dangerous technology that is being exploited, experimented and tested without proper concern for the ramifications and implications. D-Wave, CERN, the discovery of the Higg’s Boson…they’re all important events that greatly diverge from the initial starting point. None of it should exist in its current state. I suspect they might have created a singularity event. It didn’t come to be in my own timeline, but started affecting every timelines at once at a certain point. For example. in the realm of possibility, if the consequence of a discovery was going to affect the entire multiverse and failed in the initial timeline, it would go without saying that it would be successful in another timeline or multiple timelines.


Simply put, it creates an event that becomes inevitable. The creation of the phenomenon was never going to be stopped as soon as the possibility of its existence came to be. Especially if the result of its creation was going to affect the entire multiverse, meaning it didn’t matter if my timeline failed, yours didn’t. I suspect that it pulled a great amount of people into this timeline, either through some kind of merge or simply by accident. I’m still not quite sure what the phenomenon is, all i know is that your timeline is affected by it and has been for a very long time now. It’s very existence is an anomaly.


In fact, for me, you’re surrounded by anomalies and you’re probably not even aware of it if you’re a native to this particular timeline. Yet, changes will come more frequently and affect you and everything you know in time, quite possibly.If you’re familiar with Chaos Theory, this is uncharted territory and most likely ten times worse than the ramification of a simple historical change. We’re talking about a reality altering “virus” that has possibly affected every existing versions of the universe. The entire multiverse is possibly at stake here.


There’s already an influx of victims and the number has been growing exponentially recently. The things you’re familiar with, the things you see everyday of your life, will suddenly change to something else and you’ll start noticing them one by one. Your daily routine, the details around you, they’ll all be altered ever so slightly. Depending on how the phenomenon works when it comes to the memory…


I must admit, if i was in your situation, it would be easy to use “Occam’s Razor” when it comes to the phenomenon, but we’re talking about a real threat that has already claimed many victims worldwide, including me. Ignoring it does absolutely nothing compared to actively trying to comprehend, analyse and research it. There’s many aspects of science that have yet to be discovered or understood by the scientific community. The truth is, you have to accept the fact that people from different timelines have been somehow sent to your timeline through unspecified means, as hard as it is to understand. As soon as it can be acknowledged and understood, we can start working on a solution, before we face the upcoming calamity that is bound to come from the phenomenon at some point.


We’re talking about natural disasters, change in weather patterns, nonsensical situations that will be harder and harder to believe, anarchy, civil war, wars, etc…


Many alterations to physical reality has already occurred in your timeline and too high an influx of anomalies will do nothing but create complete utter chaos down the line.


The main problem with the phenomenon is that time doesn’t affect it. There’s no point of origin or even an accurate time-frame as when it came to be. For some, it affected them years ago, for others, only recently. Some have lived with it their entire life. Like i already said, i fear that it might be an inevitability. It could have been created in the past, future or present. Either way, time doesn’t apply to it.


I want you all to understand that this isn’t a joke or to be taken lightly. If you decide to ignore it or to dismiss it, there’s nothing i can do and i won’t stop you, but there will be ramifications in the future, which is what i’m trying to stop. Like i said, i still need more data. In particular, i need another victim to recall how they arrived in this timeline as well. I need to find the root cause to create comprehensive data that could help me understand the circumstances that could apply to each victims. So far, i’ve interrogated and collected notes from many victims, but none of them can recall the exact date and the circumstances under which they arrived in your timeline.


I also need to reiterate that according to my own experience, your consciousness seems to sync with another version of you and possess a new iteration of yourself. I’m not quite sure what happens to the last “physical host” that has been left behind…All i remember is people mourning over my alleged “corpse” and floating away from my old body…then i ended up in your timeline, in another version of myself. I know it’s probably hard to believe and i omitted some details related to the “transfer” but that’s my personal experience with it. Let’s just say it’s not pleasant. I still have no idea why it happened to me and how it even came to be. That’s why i need more data.


Like i said in my first post, don’t hesitate to ask me questions and i’ll answer them in time.





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Based on what I’ve read, it would appear that this universe is the source of a reality-bending phenomena that stretches across the multiverse and affecting anything and anyone at random, right?


What’s the difference between the Philippines of your universe and the Philippines of this universe?


And about the matter on leaving your body and seeing yourself in third-person? I had an instance of it in the past. It was when I was about a year old during my time at the hospital. I’ll skip the part of me being in Subic Beach unless you want further details about it. I saw myself being syringed on the arm/hand while screaming and crying in pain. If I’m not mistaken, it occurred during the year 2000. Of course, this probably isn’t the same with your transfer as I have no other memories prior to the visit at Subic Beach and the hospital. Actually, there is one but it might not be a real memory. I was floating in “space” if you can call it that, except there were voices of random people around me and appear to be coming from “stars” that I see near me. I was staring at a particular “star” and was pulled right into it.


Truth be told, I am feeling rather apprehensive on posting this reply as I really have no idea how you will respond to my data as they seem to have little to no correlation between one another… My apologies for that…


Something is really preventing me from making a proper reply to you. It feels like my thoughts are being scrambled.


One last thing, for the past years after a certain incident occurring somewhere between 2010-2012, I’ve been experiencing events of “false memories” where my memories don’t seem to sync with the people around me. I would also have moments where they claim I said something I didn’t, most notably words that don’t seem to be possibly misheard into something and would always lead to big problems. An example when my father misheard me telling my sister “The devil is looking at you.” where in fact I told her “Those guys are looking at you.” during our time at the beach sometime at 2015-2016. Do you know what would cause that?


My apologies for making a mostly unrelated reply. I just wanted to know what you know regarding this matter.



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No apologies needed. Like i mentioned, the phenomenon is a difficult subject to approach, but it is nonetheless a threat to your timeline. I still need more data to understand how it operates, but so far it seems to be acting like a virus. It deletes and alters history and reality as it pleases. There’s no clear pattern either. I haven’t been able to predict its next move and i doubt anyone would be able to do so without proper research and experiments being carried out. It has pulled its victims from different timelines at different points in time through their consciousness, humanity’s potential true self. At least, according to my own unpleasant experience when i arrived in your timeline, after my consciousness seemingly transferred to this current body, another version of “me.” Time itself doesn’t seem to apply to it. Like i previously mentioned, there’s a possibility that whatever event created the phenomenon has become an inevitability as soon as the possibility came to be in the multiverse.


So far, the Philippines in your timeline is the same as the Philippines of my timeline. Duterte was and is a dictator in both universes. For the most part, your timeline is quite similar to my own timeline, but also highly different in many ways. The phenomenon itself didn’t exist, for one. Neither did anything related to it, including the subject itself and the many websites, videos and channels that have resulted from its existence in your timeline. Not to mention all the changes to history, geography, geology, flora and fauna…


Truth be told, i’m not quite sure what this website is. I was directed here by someone i trust, who i told about the phenomenon recently. Spreading awareness regarding the dangerous situation your timeline has found itself into has been difficult, to say the least. I feel like i have a large part to play in its understanding and origin, because of my experience, but i can’t help but feel helpless when i look at the chaos your timeline has created. To be quite honest, this timeline frightens me. If i had to compare my own timeline to yours, i would say mine was pretty normal. The kind of situation this world has been thrown into would have been an impossibility in the old world…


To respond to your question regarding your own memories and your own past, i’m not quite sure how the phenomenon operates, so nothing is certain or can be attributed to it with certainty. It’s interesting nonetheless. Especially the fact that you had strange experiences around 2010-2012, as something quite unique to your timeline happened during that time-frame, which i suspect might be linked to the creation of the phenomenon. In fact, everything linked to CERN is different in your universe. In mine, they were a failure and failed to discover the coveted “God Particle” and had to shut down the LHC. In yours, not only were they successful, they existed longer and even were attributed with the invention of the internet. I can tell you with certainty, CERN never had anything to do with Tim Berners Lee, even less so the internet itself.


A lot of important events have been altered and changed in your timeline, but then again, different universes have different outcomes. I’m just worried because i’m now forcibly along for the ride, with no exit in sight…I can’t stop the phenomenon on my own, i would need the entire scientific community to listen to me and do their own research, but whatever the phenomenon is, it seems to have a strange effect on people in general. They act in an unnatural manner when confronted with the phenomenon, almost defensive of the changes to your reality, like they need to convince themselves that’s how things have always been and nothing else could explain the many discrepancies. I know it would be logical to use “Occam’s Razor” in this situation, but it wouldn’t work when faced with the particularities of the phenomenon. It’s dangerous because it exists outside of the boundaries of known science. It cannot be defined or clearly explained and i can’t put my reputation and identity on the line to expose it to the world.


All i have is my own experiences and all the many victims that have been affected since i arrived in your timeline on October 20th, 2016. Sometimes i wonder if i didn’t cause it somehow…Like my existence and presence itself is part of the anomaly…Better not to think about it. My aim is to research and understand the phenomenon, but if a new world war erupts in this timeline, i’m afraid the end will be sooner than i anticipated, for all of us. I’m not here to create a panic, but people need to understand the gravity of the situation, Time is running out and i’m not sure what the final outcome of this timeline will be. Everything is uncertain and nonsensical here. For all i know, i could die again and find myself in some kind of loop. It’s going to be a full year in a couple days since i arrived in your timeline…I just have a bad feeling about something…



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Well, timelines would always be different in plenty of ways but still be fundamentally similar to one another.


Getting the scientific community’s attention would be a difficult feat to achieve due to your lack of physical evidence. If there was a way for us to view a brain’s memories then that would suffice as evidence.


As for that bad feeling, what do you have in mind?



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