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Anyone ele feel the same as I do?


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Maybe the medical aspects of technology ; Yes !!!

The rest, I prefer the older stuff, and would prefer to travel into the past.

Have a stereo made in the 1970's, it still works.

Phone's weren't 100's of $$$. Actually have an old rotary phone, if we still had that system, it would still work too. And it's 40 years old.

Watching T.V. was FREE ! Going to watch a new movie was way more fun several decades ago.

There were many, many more employment opportunities. Road trips use to be a real adventure. These days, the kids watch their phones, miss out on what can be seen outside of the vehicle.

The list could be a lot longer of what was better in days gone by, but will cut my post off here.

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Are you the original John Titor who came to our timeline in 2000-2001 from 2036?


No. I am not John Titor who is also known as "Rick from Mississippi, "Mike from 2037", "John SingleSeven from 2063", and "Oliver Williams". He's the guy who went to the South Dakota School of Mines and lived in Southern California. His speciality is agriculture and engineering. He's a scientist and somewhat of a genius. I believe he hired the Habers, Kostuchs, and Willabus family from Disney "Futuretown" Celebration, Florida. I believe they hired Karen Haber and David "Boomer" Brin to help them write the story.


That is the original John Titor. I'm the other Titor.

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On the origin of the name "John Titor".


I believe that the guy who is the voice of "Oliver Williams" is a big fan of "Terminator" and "Demolition Man". Oliver Williams' Single Seven's depiction of the future seems to come from these movies.


John is based on 2 people. John Connor and John Spartan.


Titor is a mix of several words. Time Traveler, Terminator, and Titshaw. That's the name of two women who are married in the John Titor Foundation of people.

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