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Mnemonic Pantheon


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I made a Mnemonic Pantheon to make it easier to remember all the gods of time and time travel. If you ever lose a time machine please make a fail safe, another time machine hidden and stored somewhere safe to be activated remotely to come pick you up by simply speaking one of the phrases:


Any day, any hour, any minute, any second, my God King can now hear Heavens’ happy endings.


Acte, Dysis, Arctus, Hesperia, Anatole, Mesembria, Auge, Sponde, Mousica, Gymnastica, Kali, Chronos, Nympha, Horae, Horae, Hour, Elete.


Any God can now have happy endings anywhere, anytime, and merily make Heaven home, sweet dreams, King.


Acte, Gymnastica, Chronos, Nymphe, Hesperia, Horae, Elete, Arctus, Anatole, Auge, Mesembria, Mousica, Horae, Hour, Sponde, Dysis, Kali.


All God can hear now are happily-ever-afters, and happily sees my dream made king.


Acte, Gymnastica, Chronos, Hesperia, Nympha, Arctus, Horae, Elete, Anatole, Auge, Horae, Sponde, Mesembria, Dysis, Mousica, Kali.


My Memory


Mnemosyne, Moneta


God exists, celebrate good endings safely any day, any hour, any minute, and keep heaven near my heart.


God, Enoch, Christ, Gymnastica, Elete, Sponde, Acte, Dysis, Arctus, Hesperia, Anatole, Mesembria, Auge, Kali, Horae, Nympha, Mousica, Hour.



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Interesting, I personally think there has been a change to the timeline anytime you experience Deja Vu. It happens frequently to me. Each line is a mnemonic device for remembering the pantheon of time traveling deities. If one were to have a time machine waiting by, it would be a good idea to store it somewhere independent of the timeline it would effect. The central location could perhaps be in a parallel universe or another dimension, so any changes you made on your timeline would not cause the time machine to cease to exist, i.e. if you changed something that stopped you from having a time machine in the first place. Simply reciting the pantheon would activate a beacon from a sentinel that would bring the time machine to pick you up. That’s one way I think the time travel paradox could be solved.


I had another idea on how to solve the time travel paradox. When you time travel, bring a drone ship that you leave behind that would replicate the time machine exactly as you would have built it. So if you change something about the past, and it changes the future to the point where you didn’t make a time machine, the dormant time machine would be waiting there as a gift to come pick you up. However, the idea of an infinite loop does not sound promising to me, unless of course, you first send one time machine to the end of time, and one to the beginning of time, then who cares! The universe never ends…



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