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I have been posting for several years about time travel and John Titor and the Messiah. For instance, see here.


Most notably my name is Jon Tooker and John Tooker is one of the people who made it onto Razmus' list of people who are definitely not John Titor. In John Quinn's article about the Montauk project it mentions John Tooker by name and also says that the Montauk Project moved to Warner Robins, GA in 1995. I moved there in 1994 (and graduated high school there in 1998.) Before that I was living in Tucson, AZ my entire life since being born there in 1980. Tucson was the al-Qaeda headquarters of North America during the time I lived there. The "9/11" bombers all trained as pilots in Tucson. The number of "disused" minute man nuclear missile silos in the desert behind my neighborhood is evidence of vast underground infrastructure in the area. There were no roads leading out to those familiar concrete pillboxes.


All of the dates on the John Titor Foundation website are meaningful to me and I have posted about them here.


The purpose of this post is to advertise my new book (online free) which summarizes my non-conspiracy research in mathematical physics that has been carried out since 2009.


The General Relevance of the Modified Cosmological Model


I tried to upload my work to arXiv which is usually a resource that is available to everyone but they have not accepted my research. Instead I publish my work on viXra which is run by Phil Gibbs, and elsewhere one sees that Tooker and Gibbs are the names of the co-inventors of the HDR.


Here is a figure from my book (which I have excerpted from work by Shilnikov) that shows a little John Titor flavor.




Also, here is a picture of my me and some other famous people. I think one of the main takeaways is that my grandmother Anne is Anastasia Romanova and I am the rightful emperor of Russia, and also that the face on the Sphinx is my face. Think that picture of the sphinx is fake? I thought it must be, but I cannot find another picture of the Sphinx from that angle anywhere on the internet. After it snowed in Egypt one year this picture got to the front page of reddit and I immediately recognized my own face. I put Elizabeth Windsor in there too. She used to live in Tucson near me sometimes under the pseudonym "Avis Jorgenson." Elizabeth is George's daughter and Avis is the latin word for grandparent. I typed up a lot more of this on my blog, check it out. (Older blog posts are further down)





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