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Yup still here


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Cool ok so I was sleeping in my warm bed one night and then it felt like that I got teleported arounds those years can't remember now since its been a few weeks now and iv actually forgot about this website lol


But I went to the White House where it got another 600 ft taller which I probarily shouldnt say cause I'll get into trouble but it's has got an this big metal thing on it


Which I don't no how to spell due to my dyslexia ( I use spell checker)


But anyway it was raining cold hard where I went too


I message a guy on here befor your updated your website and he said that I have something called remote viewing so I looked into it a bit more but still find it hard on how too control it



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Hey cupcakeman,


It sounds more like an out of body trip? Just last year a strange thing happen to me that I told my wife right after it happened.


I felt a tingle thing wave starting from my toes to the top of my head travel slowly up and then back down much like a computer scanner might do. It reminded me of the time I woke up when I was around 8 years old to see three gray aliens appear floating towards me at my bedside.


It gave me a upset stomach just before I past out. I share this as a way to ask others to be brave and tell what they know as well.


I hold back some details as a way to weed out the fools. It way past time that the general dumb public be told the truth! Phil Corso said that the people deserve the truth and that was why he wrote his book called: The Day After Roswell. Hey Cosmo how about it fella? I got your back if you speak up and share your life story!



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hay man thanks so much for talking to me about this


ummm dont know how to say this but ill spill the beans


i know how to do astral projection i can even relax in space and zoom around the planet and stuff


i know that sound utterly ridiculous


but to me its so much fun where nobody can find me ;) until i tell my location


cough cough- horsehead nebula- cough cough


cough cough vaga and Altair cough cough



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