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George Noory and The Remote Viewer - Scam Conspiracy - ARREST MAY BE IMMINENT

Darth Tekno

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Is there anyone in St. Louis or Los Angeles - Hollywood who may heard of "rumors" or "leaks" that George Noory and The Project Stargate - NSA - CIA - SRI - Remote Viewers (SCAM ARTISTS and SPIES) are under "federal" investigation and some have "disappeared" and can not be found...


Like Sean David Morton - who stole New Years Predictions from here and aired them on C2CAM Radio shows in 2005 and 2006 I have being "monitoring" the "internets" and was led here... They are really RUSSIAN SOUTH AFRICANS from Zambia Zaire or Angola or NAZI Spy School people from Uraguay and Paraguay


That book by one The Stargate Chronicles is a disguised bio of an American Computer Genius slandered as NSA HumInt Agent - Psychic - like the one in Starship Troopers the blond actor from Doogie Howser ? I don't recall his name... at the moment


Darkness has fallen over America and The Sith and The Evil ones have foolishly "revealed" themselves on Shark Tank and CNBC and promoted in USAToday Tech and CNN Tech. It's obvious they are OCCULT SATANISTS using the Dark Arts of Old Europe here in America


May The Force Be With You

May The Universe protect you and transform you into a Weapon against EVIL



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The Remote Viewers of Project Stargate - Project Grllflame - Project Sunstreak are PHONIES and CON MEN and "most likely" AGENTS of a FOREIGN GOVT back Handedly "impersonating" a Wall Street Tech Executive from 1990s from Chase Manhattan Banks - R+D Groups slandering him as a "NSA Agent"


Joe McMoneagle is a 72-74 year old - Fat Blond - German or Ukrainian "pretending" to be an ex Army - NSA - CIA - "Psychic" Spy - TOTAL NONSENSE, There is NO INFORMATION from FOIA Requests regarding this "Covert" "Pyschic" Spy Program from CIA + NSA. Although, these "Remote Viewers" claim the projects where "de-classified" and have written many books on the subject and their "past" participation in the program.


But SEAN DAVID MORTON stole his YEARLY PREDICTIONS - "sorely missed here" from this website - TimeTravelInstitute.com and aired them on Coast To Coast AM Radio Show where they are FREQUENT - PROMOTED GUESTS and there was a "stalking" incident in New York City by "founder" Russell Targ - allegedly "formerly" of SRI Stanford Research Institute - most likely a false claim as well.


Clearly, They are FOREGIN SPY SLEEPER AGENTS "targeting" this Wall Street - ComputerScientist from the 1980s and 1990s now a Industry Analsyst and Commentator on Twitter and Instagram GEORGE NOORY is "suspected of being a SPY INFILTRATOR - SLEEPER AGENT air a TOKYO ROSE like "covert" "messaging" Radio Show for KBG or NAZI ODESSA


As he looks BULGARIAN or ARDIN FOREST GYPSY from GERMANY from a NEWS BLACKOUT CITY in America - St. Louis suspected of being a SPY BASE CITY or TOWN in America like Los Angeles, San Francisco - SiliconValley and Chicago Cook County and New Orleans City and Parish Hilton Head NC and Hudson County NJ - Spy Base Peninsula




They are all working "together" to "subvert" America and American Patriot Scientists




Do you think this is "total nonsense". The EVIDENCE is OVERWHELMING

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