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The Last Jedi - Any thoughts on The Force or The Sith?

Darth Tekno

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I am Darth Tekno


A Count Dooku like figure

from Corporate America


Who "rebeled" against the Dark Arts Masters - The Corporate Elite - CEO and Boards of Directors


I am Zen Buddist - Warrior Monk

who became a Jedi Master


Now fighting


The Sith - Corporate - Illuminati


I was wondering what you thought of the Star Wars - Movie - The Last Jedi




Happy New Year



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Top Posters In This Topic

Young Jedi - Ruthless


I kind of liked it...


I didn't like the 2 - 3 series of movies....


Except for the Obi Wan and Yoda Battles with Count Dooku


And hated the Slaughter of the Jedi Nursery...


And thought the 1st Movie of Young Anakin Skywalker was just to sell toys to young children


That's why Lucas is known as the Evil Toymaker in the Spy World...


And obviously was "corrupted" by his association with Steven Speilberg

as HYSTERICAL - South Park Episodes suggest...




I loved the "thought" projection of himself battling Solo's son...


But I'm confused about him "vanishing" into thin air...


It know seem Transmutation - Teleportation is a "Jedi" power not disclosed in the previous movies


I've seen Transmutation of Object that disappear and reappear - in perfect condition...


MOVIE REVIEW - Black Panther


I've just seen The Black Panther


Stunning Epic Movie - wonderfully depicted on the screen...


Sbowing a Advanced Civilization hidden from on our World...


But strangely... Evokes curiousity about South American and South African Countries like




Rumored to be have "advanced" NAZI Future Weapons like the Buzz Bomber Jet and The Delta Wing - Intercontinental Bomber meant to bomb NYC but lack of refueling aircraft or drop fuel pods

delayed it's use in WWII but "inspired" the Prop Delta Wing Bomber Prototype in the 1950s - 60s that later led to the Stealth - B2 Delta Wing Bomber




Little known about them


As well as


Zambia Zaire and even Angola


Are rumored to be Russian founded nations like America and Australia by a :"sect" of Russians 200 years ago...


Starship Troopers


Suggest "American" like cities or schools in South America and possibly Africa....


Something to think about.... or investigate...


May The Force Be With You


Darth Tekno


Jedi Master

Jedi Rebel




The Sith - Corporate - Illuminati


Fortune 500 - Wall Street and Silicon Valley



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