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What happend to the site?


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Welcome back ?


Here's what happened when we closed the site:


About a year ago, we had a bunch of people start sending threatening messages through the private message system and a few posted them publicly. Paranormalis (@Num7) was also getting stuff like this to an extent, but I don't think it was as bad there.


Most of it just got deleted, but this was around the time a bunch of shootings and stuff were in the news that had all begun with people posting messages like that online. The site was pretty dead, and it wasn't worth keeping it online if the only activity we were getting was idiotic nonsense and threats of violence. We reported all threats to local authorities, one of which got us talking to the FBI... That's no fun. So I turned it all off after they had what they needed.


Since then I've been able to figure out what kind of site this SHOULD be, and that helped me develop what you see here now. It turned out for the better, I think. TTI and Curious Cosmos needed a vision to move forward, and we didn't have that then. Now we do ?



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