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Time Travel Claims under construction


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The Time Travel Claims section is temporarily closed to new submissions. This section will reopen for new claims with a revamped time traveler onboarding system. New features will include a way to remain anonymous, but retain the ability to respond to or update a claim and encourage more substantive and interesting first posts.


You may still reply to any thread within this forum. Even this one.

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That's one way to look at it.

If nothing else, I think the claims section helps people learn discernment and how to ask questions that cut to the heart of a claim. Part of the fun is ripping someone's crappy attempt apart within a few posts.

I'd like to see something that makes it more interesting for both the claimant and the rest of the members. There's no way to stop liars (we'd have nobody in that section at all if we could), but we can require that each attempt is at least substantive and more engaging than "lol I'm from the future".

Right off the bat, I want to know:

  • Who are you?
  • When are you from?
  • Where are you from?
  • What was your method of. travel?
  • What is your mission?
  • When did you arrive?
  • When will you leave?
  • Prompt them to upload photos

New entries get held for moderation and @KerrTexas, @PaulaJedi or @Classicalfan626 can bin the ones that don't make the cut.

Having prospective travelers go through an onboarding of some sort would also remove the low-effort attempts, and the stuff that makes it through will be worth replying to.

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13 hours ago, Einstein said:

You can always use my vetting method: "Please answer the question I haven't asked you yet".

You would have to use trusted people to do the asking.  Anyone with VPN could register with two accounts and answer his/her/it's own question.   Tis why I like using the fireball  reports.  Asking to post like 10 entries a week before they're posted on the Fireball event log would be impressive and I'd believe !!!  Highly doubt anyone could fake these...    

Fireball Reports

" While my book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is entirely a work of imagination, my conviction is that all I said in it will come to pass. " ~ Jules Verne

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