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This Urban Legends forum category is for discussing fantastical time travel tales that have circulated throughout our culture. Discussions here should vibe about things you heard somewhere, or something someone you know has been through. First-hand time travel accounts should be made in the Time Travel Claims section.


This category uses prefixes, which help make it easier to find things that are interesting to you. The current prefixes available in this category are:


Andrew Carlssin

Carlssin was arrested in March 2003 for SEC violations. He was accused of making 126 high-risk stock trades, and being successful on every one. Reports suggest that after his arrest, he submitted a confession wherein he claimed to be a time traveler from 200 years in the future.


Caught on Film

Caught on Film is for urban legends such as the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler and The Hipster Time Travel. Entries here should have been caught on video, photographed, or painted, and should depict some kind of time/space impossibility (i.e. historical anachronisms). In the case of filmed time/space anomaly, please use the Time Travel Claims section if you are the original author.



The Chronovisor was a machine said to be capable of viewing past and future events. Its existence was alleged by Father François Brune, author of several books on paranormal phenomena and religion. In his book The Vatican’s New Mystery (2002), he claimed that the device had been built by the Italian priest/scientist Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti.


HDR Device

Steven Gibbs created the HDR (acronym for Hyper Dimesional Resonator) in 1985. A device that according to him has the ability to send people physically through time. The HDR is, according to Steven Gibbs, a time machine that can be used to allow physical time travel both to the past and the future. Threads about the HDR device which stake a claim to specific results of functionality must be posted in the Time Travel Claims section.


Iranian Time Machine

In April 2013, Iranian news agency Fars carried a story claiming a 27-year-old Iranian scientist had invented a time machine that allowed people to see into the future. A few days later, the story was removed, and replaced with a story quoting an Iranian government official that no such device had been registered.


John Titor

Between 2000 and 2001, a Time Travel Institute user calling himself John Titor became popular as he claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 on a military mission. Holding the many-worlds interpretation as correct and every time travel paradox as impossible, he stated that many events which occurred up to his time would indeed occur in this timeline. These included a devastating civil war in the US in 2008 followed by a brief nuclear World War III in 2015, which would "kill three billion people".. John Titor's original two threads can be found here:





Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect refers to the phenomena where a large number of people share a false memory, attributing to the existing of multiple universes and having "slipped" from one to the other. Another angle of the Mandela Effect is that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiments are causing disruptions in space/time, which create shifts in our perception of reality. Threads with this prefix should be speculation, not first-hand confirmations. First hand accounts of time travel or dimensional shifts should use the Time Travel Claims section.



The Moberly–Jourdain incident refers to claims of time travel and hauntings made by Charlotte Anne Moberly (1846–1937) and Eleanor Jourdain (1863–1924). In 1911, Moberly and Jourdain published a book entitled An Adventure, under the names of "Elizabeth Morison" and "Frances Lamont". Their book describes a visit they made to the Petit Trianon, a small château in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles where they claimed they saw ghosts, including those of Marie Antoinette among others.


Montauk Project

The Montauk Project was alleged to be a series of secret United States government projects. These endeavors are said to have been conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the purpose of exotic research, including time travel. Jacques Vallée described allegations of the Montauk Project as an outgrowth of stories about the Philadelphia Experiment.


Nazi Time Travel

The Nazis were allegedly working on time travel, using a device called "Die Glocke". It's not difficult to imagine the high strangeness that occurred within these secret projects, and all legends have a kernel of truth... Don't they?


Out of Place Artifact

An out-of-place artifact is an item of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, which challenges conventional historical chronology by its presence in that context. Such artifacts may appear "too advanced" for the technology known to have existed at the time, or may suggest human presence at a time before humans are widely believed to have existed. Other examples may suggest contact between different cultures, which is hard to account for with mainstream historical understanding.


Paul Dienach

In 1921, Paul Amadeus Dienach, a Swiss-Austrian teacher, fell into a coma for a year. When he woke up, he began writing a diary that he kept secret until he contacted one of his students, Georgios Papachatzis, to translate it and keep it secret. In his writings, he claims to have awakened in the body of a man, Andrew Northman, in the year 3906 AD. According to the author, when awakened in the future, people realized that it was not Northman, and told him the events during the future era.


Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is the name given to a naval military experiment which was allegedly carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, around October 28, 1943. It is alleged that the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (or "cloaked") to enemy devices. The experiment is also referred to as Project Rainbow. Some reports allege that the warship traveled back in time.


Rudolph Fentz

The story of Rudolph Fentz is an urban legend from the early 1950s and has been repeated since as a reproduction of facts and presented as evidence for the existence of time travel. The essence of the legend is that in New York City in 1951 a man wearing 19th-century clothes was hit by a car. The subsequent investigation revealed that the man had disappeared without trace in 1876.




Note: Your thread does not have to fit within a prefix. Prefixes are meant to be helpful search tools and help you understand what kind of threads this category is for.

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