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Jaynou Oliver Beck


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Jaynou Oliver Beck was suppsed to be born on September 12, 2018 and was supposed to become the 56th President of the united states.

He is also supposed to be assassinated.


These statements were made to Apex Video by an alleged time traveler from 4932.


Apex attempted to find a baby named Jaynou Oliver Beck, but could not find any birth records of that name online.


Here's a 5 minute video on the topic:



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This is an interesting one. Well made if nothing else, and I'll go check out the response videos about the number ideas and post some here later. Nice find, Paula.


If a time traveler came here from the future, I think that either:

  1. Their arriving here invalidates their own future history. What they know might not mean much the longer they remain.
  2. If arriving in a different timeline (so as to avoid any sort of causal loop or grandfather paradox), how do they know their own future history is similar enough to their original timeline?

This is probably outside the point, but it's what popped into my head. Thanks for sharing this, I like this one.

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