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Future and Past

Travis Tremlee

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According to Einstein's equations of special relativity, the faster one moves through space, then the slower they move through time.

T = t/(1-(v/c)^2)^(1/2).


In general relativity, time near a massive object also slows down in accordance with the general relativity equation

T = t/(1-2GM/Rc^2)^(1/2)




So, when at rest, we are falling through the dimension of time at the speed of light. By moving faster and faster through space, time will slow down. For a rocket nearing the speed of light, processes slow down but it is a relative slow down so the people on the rocket do not realize they are practically frozen in time.


I have imagined the attempt to travel back in time must be analogous to falling up hill. It is not something that would occur naturally.

Going faster than the speed of light means going backwards in time. Of course, it is impossible for a material(matter) object to even reach the speed of light. It appears that the barrier to reverse time travel is mighty and impossible to cross.


But we most likely live in a multiverse of parallel realities. These realities might exist in a spectrum such that they are all infinitely close to each other – just as radio frequencies exist on a spectrum to be reached by tuning a radio dial. That might rule out a gigantic hyperspace to contain all the different realities.


There are some theories that propose our universe or "multiverse" is a gigantic quantum computer. Perhaps what time really is, might be analogous to a sequence of computational or statistical "shifting" from parallel reality to parallel reality – or from causally linked frames to other causally linked frames. We usually do not notice any differences between the parallels because we are shifting to realities that are almost exactly like what we remember...


That would imply that the future and the past are in some form of communication or co-determination.


The future would in a sense help to determine the past...



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