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Time travel in past doesn't sound relastic


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Don't think of it in terms of parrallel universes. Super string theory, which is fairly well accepted in the theorhetical physics circles, accounts for the existense of 11 dimensions. We exist, or at least have physical awareness of 4 of the 11: length, width, height, and time/space.
In the 4 dimensions in which we operate, time/space and matter cannot exist separately or independently of each other. That is why, in this dimensional existense, time can only be experienced "linearly".
In the same way that "height" cannot be experienced in a 2 dimensional existense. There is no hard data on the "rules of engagement" when dealing in a 5th, 6th, 7th,etc. dimensional existence. "Dimesional shifting" may allow for the independent operation of time/space and matter. Of course, we could dimension shift into an existence where "matter" doesn't exist or where the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. We just don't know. My guess is that time travel will some day become possible and that it will require a dimensional shifting back and forth from our 4th dimensional existense into another where time/space and matter can operate independent of eachother and then back again into our 4th dimensional existense into either a future or past time frame.

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Rick; I like you're point about the possibilities around the 4th dimension.

See, I work in computer graphic, 3D! making games and animations(...). When you speak about a 4th dimension, I feel it as the 2nd dimension (just a matter of terms and words anyway). The first dimension would be the representation of the x-y-z axis, and the "holes" in that plane would be and other x-y-z axis (over it) as the second dimension.

It's like talking about speed, 
distance/time = speed, you use 2 "basic dismensions" on a sheet to 'draw' a line that represents the speed at a certain time and space. If you talk about acceleration then that is a 'dimension' over speed. You could make the graph in 3D, but most of the time you'll do it in 2D.

So, we always get a formula that give us 2 dimensions at a time, 3 max. Anyway...!

That way, (for me) it become more "visual" and more comprehensible to understand those dimensions. Suppose there's a third dimension over that two (creating alteration on the whole two others) then we would represent it as a 3rd 3d-graphic...

I explained it pretty fast, I hope you got it the way I taught, if not, comeback in and lets make it clear!!! 

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Ahhhh.....the mind bends and twists..."time travel"..."is there a God?"...."where do we come from?"....."Do we even really exsist?"..
These thougths are what make us human beings...it is what allowed our species to evolve over all other species on this planet.
Think about the 1940's. No one ever thougth there would be things like "cell phones"..."pin sized spy cameras"...."home video game entertainment systems"....."the internet"....and many many more.....in only 60 or so years!.....Homosapiens have been around hundreds of thousands of years.
My point is I know for a fact we will more and more technologies that will "blow our mind away"..and that will be just in the next ten years.  
So to wrap this up Time Travel in theory may at one time exist...with a real strong emphisis on the MAY....Only time will tell.....pretty fitting huh....???

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If we think of the multi-dimensional existence we live in as having greater flexibility and increasing possibilities with each successive dimension, it doesn't take long to extrapolate some pretty amazing and bizzarre possibilities. For instance, a one dimensional existence is merely a point in space/time. No length, height, or depth and for all intents and purposes, no time. Two dimensional exitence provides for movement and therefore the existence of and perhaps perception for two dimensional beings of the passage of time. Go to three dimensions and the freedom of movement is unlimited, objects can be experienced from "all sides"; something unconceivable for any two dimensional being. Jump to five dimensions and perhaps matter might be able to "co-exist" in the same place allowing fifth dimensional beings to walk through walls. 8th dimesional beings might only exist as sentient energy allowing the constraints of a "matter based" existence to be eliminated. The speed of "thought" might
make the speed of light akin to a snail's slimey crawl across the driveway. Though it seems inconceivable for us lowly 4 dimensional beings, a ten or eleven dimension being might play with the fabric of space/time like a child plays with playdough. The first step will be to discover a means to communicate with the beings which inhabit these greater level dimensions. Their experience will enable us to better understand, and in time, to transition into higher levels of dimensional existence.

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

On the first attempt to travel back it must be a save known through years location to avoid accidents. Of course it requires a self auto controlled device to allow an accurate return with an object first (I wouldn't say an animal, it might take some dangerous mutation by infecting or else). If successful then rest of it should be with cameras visualizing interior and exterior recording every action along with other odds. I hope it'll take place on different locations once it becomes practical and ready for a guest, such an incredible population could be at the place!! I believe there's time and reason for everything, and now is time for time travel. In good fate let's carefully step on it, we must be prepared. We're alive not statues, must seek for new hopes as the way we've been following to present.

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Super String Theory, which is our best attempt toward a single "unified" theory talks about strings, ( the basic building blocks of all things including dimensional frameworks ) as "oscillating". If our dimensional framework oscillates at a particular frequency or group of frequencies, perhaps other dimensional realities oscillate with their own frequency or group of frequencies and it is simply beyond our "un-aided" perceptual ability to recognize them. If you consider the fact that, as you read this, you are surrounded by a wide range of radio, television, microwave, shortwave, infra-red, etc. frequencies all there all around you right now but unless you have the proper device to receive and convert these frequencies into something we can perceive with the human senses, they don't appear to exist. If other dimensional realities are constructed from the same basic building blocks ( strings ) could it be possible to simply "tune them in" with the right technology? "If" this is so, and "if" there are beings similar or superior to ourselves which inhabit these other dimensional realities, and "if" the space/time bonds are not imutably bound in higher level dimensions, even if we could never make the cross over to other dimensional realities from our own, perhaps we could use them as a "conduit" to view other dimensional realities or other time frames within our own dimensional reality. I know, a lot of ifs. But I'd like to hear your thoughts.
[email protected]

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Dear Rick,

It is very interesting that you mention oscillating strings that define space and time in terms oscillating frequencies that are recognizable only with in a certain range. 

I have a theory very similar to this that I call "Point Theory". I must add that there is much more to my theory then I took liberty to write here in the series of posts that I have copied below. But it should shed a little more detail onto the subject you mentioned above. I would write the full theory but it would be too long for this string. Anyhow here is a basic sample of the theory for you to look through. Since you have studied up on some superstring theory some of this might sound familiar. Please write back on this post or at my e-mail above if you wish to correspond privately to let me know what you think. This offer of correspondance privately is also extended to all who would read this post. I can use all the critiques I can get either in support or in refutation of what I state. What ever information I am given to refute my theory I look into and constantly hone my own theories until they are more precise.

Thankyou for the time and here is the post:

Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 02:42:03 -0800 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Theory of Gravity and current status of the development stage of the potenial infinite electical yielding generator
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

At Sun, 3 Jun 2001 02:32:09 -0800 (PDT), [email protected] wrote:

To whom it may conscern, 

I would like to submit the following theory for review. The theory is 
exact, but an estimation of how gravity might work in general:

I believe that is the theory the topic that we are discussing. I 
aware of the limitations of our technology and it is a good question 
to wheather or not it is the measuring equipment that produces the affect(paradox) 
or if the particle is truelly in the form of a wave and sometimes in 
form of a particle. 
However to me the energy density verses space-time density is merely 
a simple coscept of one kind of energy occupying energy in the form 
of a 
container(space). A simple visual aid to help assist in visualizing 
conscept that I am suggesting is to take a single piece of string and 
the ends together so that you have a loop. Now take the loop of string 
make a one-half twist so that you have a figure eight. 

Now hold the figure eight out in front of you so that the figure 
eight looks like the infinity symbal. Let the loop that is pointing 
to your 
right represent energy and it's density, let the loop that is pointing 
the your left represent the density and quantity of space-time that 
is occupied 
by the energy. 

Now if you increase the radius of the right loop-which symbolizes 
the energy the left loop will decrease in size and density. If you make 
the right loop twice it's original size the left loop representing space 
will shrink to half it's size. 

This is the conscept that I am suggesting is accuring with electrons 
and all energy and mass. Energy occupies space such that when you increase 
the density of energy the partical absorbs energy from the space that 
occupies thus decreasing the density and space that the partical of 
occupies through displacement. 

This results in a decrease in the radius of the partical as 
a result 
that the particle has more quatity gained from the vacuum of space and 
a smaller radius and thus a greater density. 

I would say that the the majority and most likely all the extra 
gained by and electron of high energy interaction would be absorbed 
from the space-time that the energy occupies resulting in a low space-
pressure intertial hole in the within the quantum matter making up the 

I would say that there would be a low pressure region of space-
around the electron itself caused by the space-time of high density 
the electron gravitating towards the intertial hole created by the displacement 
of space-time quantity into electron density. 

So I believe that the electron does not absorb energy from the 
space-time quantity to create the gravitational field surrounding the 
but absorbs the space-time quantity from into energy to add density 
to the 
electron during high energy interactions only from the space-time that 
electron occupies and that the gravitational field surrounding the electron 
is caused by the space around the electron to gravitate towards the 
hole or low space-time pressure within the area that the electron is 

This, in my oppinion, is a static system and that the space-time 
not flow into the electron from outside the electron but creates a static 
flow into the electron. 

An easy visual aid to observe this kind of phenomenon is to observe 
the spinning candy cain pole at your local barber shop. Notice that 
red and white spirals(helixes) do not actually move up to the top of 
cylindrical cain but the rotation of the cylinder makes it appear as 
the red and white spirals move toward the top of the candy cain pole. 

The helix of the spinning candy pole can represent the space-
in the form of helixical waves spiraling towards the electron mass of 
space-time density as a result of the centripital(or centrifical) forces(I 
am always getting these two confused) at work within the electron. 

It is sort of like the whirl wind created in a blender. The 
does not flow through the bottom of the blender but all the blobs of 
mix is carried by the water toward the blades of the blender. The low 
created by the spinning blades combined with the torque of the blades 
the static whirl wind affect which is quite similar to the dynamic whirl 
wind affect created by the water draining in your toilet when you flush 

The space time quantity is laiden with all kinds of waves fields 
of space-time quantity but when the low pressure space-time is created 
the presence of dense energy the space-time waves of high pressure gravitate 
towards the space-time of low pressure creating the spin affect of the 
time waves and fields. This process creates a dynamical flow of energy 
the form of energy or mass(not space) toward the region of low space-
density in the same way that the nestles quik is carried on the milk 
is spinning in the blender toward the low pressure milk at the surface 
the blender blades. 

What I mean by "the energy and mass are dynamic and space is 
is merely that the chocalate coco moves toward the blades of the blender 
but the milk itself as a whole does moves very little towards the blades 
of the blender if at all. 

If you are interested in replying or in learning more please 
me at [email protected] 


I will in the near future be free to relay some of my theories 
to other more applicable areas of physics which are more practical in 

Most of my practical theories and inventionsd deal with energy generating 
methods for gaining high energy yeilds. I have a contract with a research 
and development firm for the production of a special kind of generator 
is theoretically capable of yeilding an electrical wattage output up 
infinity. However the device will be limited in it's generating ability 
by the stability of the matter used to build the device. This is good 
although potentially the method used to generate energy could be used 
generate infinite electrical output, the device is safe on account that 
the device would melt down and cease to function as soon as the electrical 
output reached the threshold of the material that is used to conduct 
electricity is reached. The conscept behind the device is simple.

I am planning on doing some university tour with the device 
explain the theory of operation and possible future aplications. This 
all tentative on whether or not the device yields the desired affects.

The research phase of the project is completed so I am extremely 
optimistic in the success of the device. In addition, I am sure that 
research and development firm would not have sent me a contract for 
development and mass production if the idea was not feasible. Also, 
I am 
sure that the research phase of the project would have determined if 
idea was not going to work. Since the research company has, based on 
results of the research phase, decided to precede on into the development 
stage of the device, I am sure that the devices conscept and theoretical 
plausibility is viable.

If you are interested in conversing please e-mail me at [email protected] 

The key is to find out is the universal frequency of entropy. That is at 
what rate an object is reaking down. This could be divided into further 
subsections. How fast the object breaks down per instant which is the second 
derivative of the rate at which mass breaks down at the molecular level. 
This I believe is dependant on the imbalance of force within the molecule. 
If perfect balance is achieved then the amount of break down may be less 
then the universal break down speed per instant. Now as a mass deteriorates 
the disorder of the mass increases. Coinsidentely, as an electromagnetic 
field increases in radius the disorder within that system is greater defined 
by the decrease in density or strength of the field. So as a light field 
increases radius the density of the field decreases. As the density of the 
field decreases the frequency lowers. Now I could be wrong about that last 
part or any part so feel free to correct me. Now since the mathematical 
pattern of entropy between expansion of fields and decay of molecules, one 
can gragh the decay of molecules and freqeuncy of decay of those molecules 
with the expansion of a field where at the center mass of the field the 
decay is at an infinitely high frequency as is the stength of the field. 
Thus at the center mass the amount of chaos is zero per instant and one 
per infinite number of instants. Thus the rate of chaos is proportianal 
to 1/r^2. When r^2 = 0 the rate of chaos is zero and the rate of order is 
infinite. Thus choas and order is a ratio. =Order/Chaos.

This is similar tocarbon dating. However it delves a little deeper and assumes 
a little more in that it states that all energy including light is decaying 
at a universal rate and that as the decay progresses the quantum frequency 
of all energy in the universe decreases to a lower frequency. The theory 
proposes that the cause for energy's universal decay at the quantum level 
is the increase of volumes of space existing in the universe. As the quantity 
space increases in the universe the energy in the universe expands to occupy 
the newly added space, which is added at all points in space simultaneousely. 
As the energy occupies more space the density of that energy decreases because 
energy stretched over a greater region of space is less dense then that 
same energy spread over a lesser region of space. Also, energy that is less 
dense has a lower resonant frequency then that same energy when it is more 
dense. An example of this is the guitar string. The tighter the string the 
higher the frequency of the sound coming off of that string which is caused 
by the increase in the density of the string along it's depth. So as mass 
gets more dense the frequency of the sound energy that travels through the 
mass when it is struck rises. So I believe that there is a possibility that 
the density of energy increases as the density of space that the energy 
occupies decreases. I have postulated the following equation to describe 
the density of energy with respect to the density of space, and vice versa,
as a means to further define the absolute quantity of energy. The equation 
shows that the quantity of energy is determined by number of cycles in the 
base frequency of energy when that energy is existing at a state seperate 
from space. I am considering the possibility that that time, as a dimension,
is defined as the radius of an energy system or of a region of space. I 
believe that space, as a dimension, is defined as the circumferance of a 
circle that propagates perpindicular to the time dimension(also the radius). 
To describe this system further I would like to use a random electromagnetic 
pulse emanating from a particular point in absulute space free from the 
presence of gravity. At the origin point x,y,andz=0 the event begins and 
the radius of the field is 0 and the strength of the field is infinite. 
Now over a period of time t the radius of the field increases and the circumferance 
of that field increases and the density of that field decreases. Now in 
1 second of time the field has traveled outward as a shperical wave a total 
of 186,282 miles in all directions uniformly. The difference between the 
radius and of the EM field 1 second after the pulse in term of radius is 
1 second in time. So if one after one second adds a negative second to that 
system during the next second the field will diminish to a radius of zero 
as the field travels in reverse back in time to the origninal pulse when 
and where the radius of the field is/was zero. So the field when traveling 
along a radial path is actually traveling along a dimension of time since 
all points along that radius correspond to a particular point in time after 
the originating event of the pulse. It is safe to assume that the density 
of space time that the energy occupies increases as a result of that energies 
progression towards the future in time. So the reason that a field increases 
it's circumferance and decreases it's density is that the space that the 
energy occupies increases to the square of t(time). So as time progresses 
the density of the energy decreases to the inverted square of the distance 
from the begining point in space(or the source)which is why the electromagnetic 
field decreases in strength propotional to the inverted square of the distance 
from the source according to Newtonian physics. S=1/r^2 where r is the radius 
of the field measured from the source. The energy mass of the field is determined 
by the duration of the pulse. (how long it takes for the pulse to complete) 
A longer pulse has more energy to pulse and therefore requires a longer 
period of time to complete the pulse. The range of of a longer pulse period 
will result in the transmission of a pulse with a greater range
then pulse with a shorter period. 

To sumarize,

1. As energy increases density the density of space that this energy occupies 
decreases creating a gravitational field manifested as a difference of space 

2. The radius of a circle defines the dimension of time for that circle.

3. The circumferance of a circle is the description of a ratio of space 
density to energy density.

4. The density of space squares proportional to the radius of the circle 
which is the dimsension of time, not space.

5. The density of energy decreases proportionate to the inverted square 
of the radius as a direct result of the increase in the density of space 
at that period in time along that point in the radius.

6. The density of space increases as a result of the inductive connection 
of two different points in time along the same radius resulting in the replication 
of each point in time at the different layers in each space circumferance 
ring in the form of a multiplicity.

7. This multiplicity increases as the event progresses temperally in one 
direction away from the origin point. Thus, to approach the center of a 
circle is to approach the past, and is to travel with a negative time component. 

8.To arrive at a location in the past point in the world line of an event 
requires one to travel beyond the center mass of a circle which has a frequency 
above that of the highest frequency of all energy that exists in the present.

9. So to tune to a higher frequency then a point is to tune to a frequency 
range that defines the past. 

10. This frequency range that is in the past is also superluminal.

11. Thus to tune a frequency that has in a frequency range that is a higher 
frequency then a point is to tune into a frequency range that corresponds 
to the tachyon spectrum.

For more details read the following:

Energy that is in the present is mediated in one of the four fundamental 
forces Stong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravity. Tachyon energy is a fifth 
fundamental force that exists at a frequency higher then the frequency of 
a point and is an open form of energy so the quantity of that energy is 
variable not constant. And, this energy's quantity, possibly, varies randomly. 

Back about six months ago I was surfing the internet on the subject of superluminal 
phenomenon and I stumbled onto a publication by a professor. He had published 
a work regarding the hypothetical existance of tacyons. He defined the tachyon 
and described the behavior of the tachyon in theory. I had been working 
on a the theory of subpoint, superluminal space-time and energy at the time 
and his description of tachyons perfectelty described the partical my perceptions 
of a mass that is sub luminal and with a radius r that is compressed to 
an inward depth equal to r-(a quantity This also explains why a mass that 
is compressed to a higher density resonates at a higher frequency then mass 
that is expanded to a lower density. For if mass is accelerated to the velocity 
of light mass for that object appears to have an infinite frequency because 
the kenetic energy applied is infinite. Because energy is energy and therefore 
adds if in phase when applied, the energy density of the mass increases 
to infinity as the mass accelerates to the velocity of light. Also the density 
of mass increases to infinity as the mass is compressed to a point. If what 
I pointed out in previous posts is correct, then, the density of space is 
proportional to inverse square of the density of energy. S=1/e^2, where 
the e is the density of energy relative to the density of space that this 
energy occupies, and S the density of space that is occupied by this energy. 
So as the density of energy increases to infinity the density of space increases 
to zero. resulting in the acceleration of energy to within that space to 

While trying to consider why time which is radius increases the density 
of space by causing space to become a multiplicity as the space as radius 
r increases and why time merely causes energy to not increases density as 
the radius of time increases( for an electromagnetic force, or gravitational 
force measured as both a quantity energy not space.) . I have come to a 
hypothesis that sates that time is conecting layers of space inductively,
not capacitively. This results in a replication of space each layer of 
space as time moves outward from the source point at the center of a field,
force, mass, or space. When an infintely small point creates a pulse of 
etherical energy the pulse of that energy is infinitely high frequency. 
Now each space ring and each energy ring outside the point are seperated 
by a ring of void. Well coincedently a capacitor is one conductive plate 
seperated by the other conductive plate by either a void, insulator, or 
electrolyte. Since there is no metal conductor conecting the metal plate 
1 from the metal plate 2, this circuit is open and provides an infinite 
impedence to an dc electrical current. However, the impedance of the space 
or electrolyte seperating each plate is defined as capacitive reactance 
which is the resistance of energy stored in an electrostatic field to change. 
The equation for this impedance is 1/[2(pi)*Fr*C, or 1 over the quantity 
2 pi times the resonant frequency of the conductor( which increases with 
the increase of the frequency of the electrical load in hertz) times the 
capacitance in farads. So as the frequency of this of the energy of plate 
one rises to infinity, the conductivity of the space or electrolyte that 
seperates the two plates decreases to zero making the vaccuum or electrolyte 
superconductive. So the gap between the first ring of of space, that has 
a circumferance greater then zero, and the point of energy and space at 
the center of an electro-magnetic field , gravitational field or mass, will 
be super conductive because the frequency of the load of a point is infinite. 
So the first layer of space conducts the energy of the point and the second 
layer of space conducts the energy but with resistance because the frequency 
of the energy conducted from the point falls to a finite number less then 
infinity do to the circular ring having a circumferance greater then zero. 
Now the resistance between the first ring and the second ring of space creates 
a delay between the other-wise instantaneous transferance of energy between 
those two rings. So as ring one conducts the quantity of space with a finite 
number of ripples(waves)another set of waves is induced in the second layer 
of space as soon as the energy from the first wave of space travels along 
the radius time to the second layer of space. The start of this second wave 
is such that the second set of waves is 90 degrees out of phase with the 
first which creates an attraction force between both of these waves ( I 
could be wrong about this being the cause of the attaction of both of the 
energy of these waves, yet there is an attraction). Now do to the attraction 
of these waves a vortex is formed between the first layer of space and second 
layer of space that counter rotates. If the first layer of space's vortex 
rotates clockwise the second layer of space's vortex rotates counter-clockwise. 
These to vortexes are formed one right above the other and the two vortexes 
gravitate towards each other and converge at an apex about half way through 
the void seperating the two space layers. It would look sort of like two 
tornadoes in space one right side up tornado comming down from a clowd above 
you in the horizon to meet an up-side down tornado spinning in the opposite 
direction from a layer of clowds below you off in the horizon. Now we know 
that the two vortexes are counter-rotating so the vortexes rotate a given 
number of degrees from 0 to 360 total in the time it takes for the two counter 
rotating vortexes to connect at the apex that is halfway between the two 
layers of space. I postulate that the two vortexes rotate a total of 180 
degrees by the time they converge causing the appex at their connection 
to be constricted to an infinitely small point.
Now when the two layers space converge through this vortex the space goes 
from being a capacitor to being an inductor because the space is now a short 
circuit instead of an open circuit which causes the first to be replicated 
at the second layer of space because the radial time difference between 
these two temperally seperated rings of space is now conected at the same 
point in time in the void so that at the end of radial time period one between 
the two rings results in the space ring one being carried to exist at the 
place as ring two. So the density of space at ring two doubles in two dimensions 
accross the surface of the spherical space rings causing the density of 
that space to square. The space ring energy that was out of phase by 90 
degrees of both the second layer of space is brought in phase again after 
the waves are twisted inside out through the apex of of the vortex that 
connects the two. This results in an increase to the amplitude of space 
which is an increase in the density of space. Now this results in a decrease 
in the density of energy as a result of the equation S=1/e^2. Now the reason 
that energy does not increase is because energy remains capacitively seperated 
at each layer of space resulting in no replication of energy at each level 
resulting in the decrease in density of energy relative to the increased 
density of space as space increases in amplitude and energy decreases in 
amplitude. Now as each space ring increased density the velocity of light 
traveling accross that portion of space increases as a result of the increase 
in density of space which results in a relative acceleration of lateral 
time from that ring of space. So that the number of space ripples in the 
second layer of space is doubles. So the frequency of this space quanta 
is also doubled in that there is twice the number of ripples on the second 
sphereical ring as the first spherical ring. So at an infinite distance 
the frequency of space is infinite and the frequency of energy is zero because 
the density of space at an infinite distance is infinite and the density 
of energy occupying that space region is zero. Now if you take the radius 
and compress it down to an infinitely small point compressing each space 
ring and energy ring to occupy the same space the radius of the apex of 
the vortex that inductively connects each layer of space will increase from 
zero to a radius equal to the radius of the funel at the surface of the 
space ring. And the number of angular decrease that each vortex will spin 
during the time it takes for the vortexes' apexes to converge will decrease 
from 180 degrees to 0 degrees bringing the replicated space ripples from 
the first ring of space out of phase with the second with the ripples of 
the second ring resulting in a cancelation of the first spacial ring wave 
leaving behind the second only the origonal number of spacial ripples.(

(there is a little more to the mechanism of the first ring of space in that 
half of that ring is submerged into the point making so that the first ring 
is actually connected to the point inductively so that the frequency of 
the point at the surface area of the first ring is actually at an infintie 

As you compress the two spacial rings together the first spacial ring having 
half of the riples of the second spacial ring counteracts completely as 
the replicated wave ripples of this first spacial ring becomes 90 degrees 
out of phase with it's replcation upon the second ring. For example if you 
had two ripples of surface wave on the first ring you would also have two 
ripples on the second wave. But when you inductively conected the two space 
rings the first rings ripples replicated on the second ring and gave the 
second ring an additional two ripples that are in phase when they are introverted( 
turned inside out) through the hour glass shaped counter-rotating vortex 
connecting them. Now when the vortex is squashed the two waves of the second 
ring are brought out of phase and the result is a counteraction of the ripples 
on the first spacial ring. However since there were six ripples total, two 
on the first ring, with a correspondingly smaller circumferance which is 
determined by the number of ripples on the surface of each ring,and four 
ripples on the second ring. Two of the ripples on the second ring are the 
same two ripples on the first ring at a later point in time, yet accuring 
in the present(so the half of the ripples of the second ring are the same 
two ripples of the first ring existing at two points at the same time).

Now as the so when you have six ripples and four of those ripples are counteracted 
by compressing the temperal radius seperating the rings till the two rings 
occupy the same space, then, the result is that you have two spacial ripples 
left resulting in a decrease in the density of space. However the density 
of time, which is the radius between the rings, is squared. Now energy probagates 
out of phase to space so that, and space propagates in phase to time. So 
when the time is compressed radias seperating the two rings is compressed 
till the two rings converge resulting in density of time squaring; that 
time will become 90 degrees out of phase with space in the region where 
the ripples canceled do to the delay between the empty whole where that 
space canceled and the rest of space that did not cancel.So the time becoming 
90 degrees out of phase with space becomes in phase with energy which is 
also 90 degrees out of phase with space resulting in the different layers 
of energy rings becoming inductively connected through the void by time 
the same way that space was inductively through the void by time. So as 
the time is compressed energy is also compressed and the each layer of energy 
is replicated as each layer is compressed to occupy the same reing of energy.I 
am sure that some variation of this phenomenon is responcible for electrons 
greater then a certian number not being to spin in the same direction while 
occupying the same orbit.

Now as the energy is compressed to a point time is also compressed to an 
infinite density causing energy to accelerate as a result of the increase 
in number of temperal waves occupying each ring of energy. This is why an 
object that is spinning will spin twice as fast when compressed to half 
its. For as time density increases and energy density increase within that 
area the rate at which time passes for that object will increase to infinity 
as the velocity of light for space decreases to zero as the density of space 
decreases to zero, and the velocity of light for energy increases to infinity. 
Since the placement of that object in history is determined by the time 
of the outermost circunferance of ringular quantity, be it energy or space,
the object that is compressed to a point will actually travel back in time 
as the density of space decreases to zero resulting in the relative velocity 
of light outside the circle of space occupied by the energy to be infinite 
compared to the velocity of light constant of the zero density space. So 
time outside the space point where light travels at 186,000 mps will accelerate 
infinitely into the future before one increment of change accurrs in the 
time occupying the space of zero density. However time inside the light 
inside the energy is measured in terms of velocity of changes per instant 
of time outside the mass in the regular universe. Now since up to an infinite 
velocity can be obtained if the velocity costant is alter without creating 
time dialation the energy of infinite density will not age any faster the 
energy in the outside universe in and of itself. But the outside universes 
energy will age infinitely faster then the energy inside the causing because 
of the zero velocity of time of the space that the energy occupies. This 
enables the energy to travel into the past as the universe ages indepentantely 
of the mass inside of the zero density space. However the zero density space 
still remains at a location inside the present universe not the past universe 
because the velocity of light is never broken only altered. So when the 
energy mass is returned to normal the mass energy remains at the same time 
as the rest of the energy so that it has not traveled back in time. So space 
time in the present when compressing to displace the past is like a rubber 
band in that as soon as you renormalize the light speed velocity and densities 
of the masses and spaces, you are pulled back to a normal space-time topology. 
The secret to going into the past is to break the energy thus breaking the 
rubber band which serves as a diaphragm to seperated you completely from 
the past. Once a whole in the diaphragm is produced you can travel through 
the diaphragm of energy into the past. To split energy in the form of light 
is to create a tear into the past increasing the velocity of that energy 
light to superluminal. 

The device that I have Contracted to Davison & Associates should be capable 
of splitting energy. Thus introducing tachyons to charge mass energyies 
sending them back in time.

In order for a wave to increase the density of another wave, that wave must 
coexist in the same space as the wave being affected. In other words, a 
wave will no cancel another wave at a distance. Now the rings are formed 
with of finite quanta. The definition of infinity is undetermined limit. 
There is a frequency to a point which exists as the highest frequency in 
the present. This gives the frequency the appearance of bordering infinity 
because the frequency is the highest frequency with repect to all other 
frequencies lower then it that remain in the present. 

However, the infinite quanta could very well exist without crushing the 
universe on acount that a quanta is only infinite with respect to the space 
it occupies. Now to consider this graphical proof of infinities. If you 
take a quanta that has an infinite number of half measures or a wave that 
has an infinite number of have aplitudes(in volts) between the peak of the 
wave and the x or zero amplidute line, then if you compress the crest of 
this wave to the zero line all of those amplitudes will occupy the same 
space. And as I stated before any two waves in phase occuping the same space 
add. So an infinite number of half waves in the same exact space at the 
same time add up to an infinite number of ones which is by definition infinity. 
This is because an infinite number of halves added to an infinite number 
of halves at a single instant is an infinite number of ones at the next 

Anyhow I would have to state that the number of space rings is finite. But 
I don not dicount the possiblity that the space rings themselves are not 
infinitely divisable. 

This is because the math behind an object that is infinitely divisable causes 
that mass to act the same way as a mass that is not infinitely divisable 
in that one can attain an infinite devision of an infinitely divisable mass 
in a finite period of time by increasing the rate at which one divides that 
mass at an exponential rate such that over a finite period time (1 unit 
of infinitely divisible time) so that an infinite division of the mass is 
completed by the end of the first finite unit of time. In order for the 
infinitely divisable time unit to completely pass in a finite period of 
time, the infinite time unit will have to advance with respect to another 
finite period of time that allows the defined rate of time that is infinitely 
divisable to be quantified with respect to the finite interval of time that 
is not infinitely divisable.

In this manner the time is infinitely divisable but the second derivative 
of time is finitely divisable. The second derivative of time is the rate 
at which time advances itself. For example we can have an exponentially 
accelerating mass in space that is accelerating to an infinite speed. But 
this statement still does not tell us when the mass will reach infinity 
it only tells us that the mass is exponentially accelerating in velocity. 
The mass, for all we know, could be accelerating exponentially so that in 
two seconds the velocity of that mass has squared. In this case, in the 
next second the mass will have squared it's velocity again. In the next 
half second the velocity squares...in the next quarter of a second again 
the velocity squares so that in the period between the third second and 
the fourth second the velocity squares to infinity. As you can see that 
in this case the velocity of the mass accelerates to an infinite speed in 
a period of four seconds. The rate at which a velocity accelerates to is 
called the third derivitave of the velocity. Because the first velocity 
is the constant velocity of that mass. The second derivative of that mass 
is the constant velocity times the rate acceleration. The third derivitave 
is the rate of acceleration over a period of time which is the veloccity 
times the acceleration times the rate of acceleration, which in this case,
is infinite accelerations at four seconds and infinity *4=infinity at the 
instant that four seconds arrives. Since four is a finite number of the 
measure of time indeed infinite velocity will be attained at four seconds. 
However we could, hypothetically, just as easily have the velocity of that 
mass square in a period of 1 second in time, in which case, the mass will 
square it's velocity again in the following half second...again in the next 
quarter second..to infinity in two seconds total, in which case, this mass 
accelerates to infinity twice as fast as the first object. So as you see,
by the numbers, the universe can indeed have infinities that apear finite. 

Now to explain the formulation of space rings I will have to state that 
the answer lies in entropy. As I hypothesised in the previous post, if you 
draw a circle and then draw a line from the center of the circle to the 
circles edge, this line is the radias and is the time dimension of the circle. 
The circumferance or circle itself is the space dimension which is intersected 
by the time-radias at ninety degree angle at all points.

It is easy to visualize this affect on paper but what I was stating in the 
previous posts was that this radias line was actually a series of vortexes 
inductively connecting each circle of space. 

Now as we can see there are many circles of smaller circumferance that we 
can draw inside the other circle so that we can fill that entire circle 
until the last circle that we draw has a circumferance of zero at the center 

Now we must answer the question" why does the inner circles have a smaller 
circumferance then the outer circles" I mean there has to be a reason for 
the season. So I imagine that if you were to take the force or mechanism 
away that is making the inner circle to have a smaller circumferance at 
a shorter radias I imagine that the smaller circle would have the same circumferance 
as the outer circle further outward on the same radius. 

So I had determined that the entire universe is nothing more then bandwidth...that 
it is all just bandwidth. Each space ring represents a harmonic multiple 
of the base frequency of time that is the frequency of a point which is 
10E-43 meters per sec^2. This is known as the plancks temperal length. This 
is a finite number. Any wavelength shorter than this exists at a higher 
bandwidth that exists in the past. 

I would define entropy as being a form of time. The level of entropy I would 
measure in terms of chaos and order. Chaos and order is a ratio order/chaos. 
According to this rationic expression(I think this is a ratio?) when chaos 
rises to infinity order within that same system drops to zero. This makes 
sence in that something, normally, cannot be both chaotic an ordered at 
the same time. 

According to the multiple dimensions view of time travel if you were to 
take trip back in time and change somthing you would create a fork in time 
and create an alternate reality. If this is true then time can fork squaring 
the possibilities that can accur between in the universe by enabling an 
affect to go back and alter it's own cause enabling the existance of an 
extra three dimensional universe to exist although not within the same universe. 
Thus order is defined as the number of differing independant vectors in 
a system that can allot a possible path for an object to take. If an object 
exists with in a vectored space where there are an infinite number of which 
the mass can take without having any force applied to it the chaos of this 
system is infinite. Now if the force is exerted on this object the number 
of paths that can be taken is automatically cut in half such that all paths 
that can be taken is a range of vectors in the directions of the application 
of the force. Now this is defined as the shperical half of the hemisphere 
that makes up 180 degrees from left horizon to right horizon. 

When the number of paths that can be taken by an object decreases to zero 
the order of this system increases to infinity and the chaos of this system 
decreases to zero. A point is such a system that has a zero paths to take 
and is therefore infinitely ordered. 

Entropy causes time that is advancing into the future to fork out like the 
creating multi vectors. This is what creates the spacial rings. Then more 
time-entropy forks going into the future the more vectors there are within 
that time and the more possible paths there are for space occupying that 
particular quantity of space. Now since time flows in enters the present 
at a point and travels outward towards the future in a positive time direction 
outward from the point, the level of chaos in the time increases as the 
radius-time goes further out from the circle. Thus disorder travels outward 
from the point an increases the further outward from the center point. And 
order travels outward from the point but decreases in value or quantity 
further outward along the radius from the center point. 

Now I believe time to be in phase with space at 0 degrees and energy to 
be 90 degrees out of phase with time and space. And so when the frequency 
of a point transmitts energy along out into space it does so in rings of 
energy occupying rings of space..the same rings being described above. Now 
energy occupying these rings is in phase with the quantity order and the 
space is in phase with the quantity disorder.

So that the quantity energy decreases density proportionate to the quantity 
order while space increases density proportionate to the quantity disorder 
and inversely proportionate to the quantity density of energy and quantity 

Now I say that space rings are inductively connected to each other by vortexes 
created by a difference of spacial potential between each ring.

Also these are affected by vorticular forces. I assume that a space system 
this small with such minute amounts of gravtiational inertia, due to the 
spaces low density, would be much more prone to the affects of vorticular 
influences that are prevalant at the quantum level. 

So the radius that you see is a series of vorteces connecting each layer 
of space. The particulars of these vorteces are indepthly discussed in my 
last three posts on this string. 

To summarize,

1. Time is in phase with space until compressed bringing time out of phase 
with space and inphase with energy.

2. Do to being in phase with energy time will affect energy by inductively 
connecting the energy rings that occupy the space rings.

3. In order for time to directely affect energy it must be in phase with 
energy. In order for time to affect space it must be in phase with space. 
Time that is in phase indirectely affects energy. And vice versa for space. 

4. Order is a quantity time that decreases it's vectoral complexity as time 
advances into the future and is the portion of time that is in phase with 

5. Order is measured in units of order which is proportionate to the density 
of energy. 

6.Disorder is a quantity time that increases it's vectoral complexity as 
time advances into the future and is the portion of time that is in phase 
with space. 

7. Disorder is measure in units of chaos and is proportional to the density 
of space and inversely proportional to the density of energy and is so because 
it is ninety degrees out of phase with energy.

8. To compress energy is to bring energy in phase to disorder and out of 
phase with chaos thus inductively connecting energy through disorder.

9. To compress energy is to bring space in phase with order and out of phase 
with disorder and causes space to be inductively connected through order 
and capacitively connected through disorder. 

10. When energy is not compressed it is capacitively connected to other 
layers of energy through disorder. 

11. When energy is not compressed it is inductively connected to other layers 
of energy through order.

Does this sound logical?

I would be glad to reexplain if needed. Each time I explain I learn a little 
more. So please feel free to crituque or place your own ideas of about this 
or any other idea that I post.


Edwin G. Schasteen.

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Mr. Schasteen,

You're running into the same problems that have plagued the "unified theorists" and that is inconsistancies between the sub-atomic and the galactic. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on many aspects of both the macro and the micro but if there is a single unifying theory, the same rules will apply in all situations. 

Relativity and even special relativity doesn't always work at the subatomic level and likewise, Fermi falls short in the galactic arena. I guess that's what makes all this so fun. 

For the purposes of this forum, however, let's try to limit the discussion to "time"; the nature of time, if there are basic rules, and if those rules can be bent or broken. 

I remember when I learned A/B roll editing. The rules were pretty simple: You "have" to lay down each successive group of images in a linear fashion. (much like our current understanding of the nature of time)Then came computerized non-linear editing and we had to forget everything we learned. Now you can start by picking out a scene in the middle, then an opening scene, then some images for the end and then change your mind and drag the ending to the beginning. For "X" and "Y" generationers, it seems perfectly natural but for us old fogies it took a little getting used to. 

Our current belief of "time" is pretty simple too; we exist in the present, the past can only be relived in memories, and the future does not exist. 

If we go back to some very basics, it is true that "energy" can neither be created nor destroyed but simply changed to a different form. That lends itself to the idea that for each given moment in time, all energy in the Universe has a unique signature. So here's the task: Figure out how to take an energy signature snapshot ( we can start with our own solar system ) and start recording. Over time, patterns will begin to develop. By understanding the patterns we will begin to understand the nature of the patterns and soon how to manipulate them. Future generations may come to view time-line manipulation with the same casualness as we do non-linear editing today.

Rick 🙂

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

Guys, I talk about continuity, but how are you able to write so much!! I'm impress for real! You seem to have lot more energy than me! I understand everything I always try to say, but this time I didn't get everything you were saying. Honestly, this is not an indirect thought. Are you going to leave me with this question?

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

Guys, I talk about continuity, but how are you able to write so much!! I'm impress for real! You seem to have lot more energy than me! I understand everything I always try to say, but this time I didn't get everything you were saying. Honestly, this is not an indirect thought. Are you going to leave me with this question?

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Point particles produce nasty singularities. That is why they are hopeful of the extended nature of strings since they are able to "smooth" out the violent nature of the space time foam.
As far as electrons being surrounded by something, they are, they are surrounded by virtual particle pairs. These virtual particle pairs essentially screen the electric charge of the electron. What we measure as the electric charge, e, is actually a renormalized charge resulting from these virtual particle pairs. So, if you probe closer and closer to an electron what you will discover is that its electric charge increases the closer you get because the screening is less and less. If you are interested in this stuff, I would suggest reading some texts. I suppose, Griffiths Quantum Mechanics would be a nice introduction. Also, Griffiths Electrodynamics would be good as well. Then you might try Weinberg's field theory books. Also, Sakauri's text on Modern Quantum Mechanics could be good as well, since I am not sure if Griffiths uses Dirac bra ket notion, I know that Weinberg uses it.

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again   I did not say anything about Hermitian operators connecting to space time, I was simply pointing rgrunt to look at the current theories of modern physics. When attempting to propose something new, first look at what is already there, second ask yourself what does this theory offer that the exisiting theory does not explain. Another thing is can my theory predict anything, and in order for it to be able to do so, you will need equations so calculations can be done.

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Sorry, Trott. You know break-throughs can happen pretty rapidly sometimes and I'm not always on top of things. I just didn't know if maybe you were pointing us toward something "specific". Most of what we have access to are attempts to better understand "naturally occurring" states or phenomena in the universe. Do you know of any serious work on exploring the possibility of maipulating space/time? Yeah, I know about that German guy's work. "Can't remember his name right now." A lot of claims, but all he talks about is "speeding up or slowing down" time based on an outside point of reference. Not really the kind of "time travel" I'm interested in.

Rick :-)

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Hi Penny,

There is no certainty in the possibility of time travel. However, science fact does indicate that there are certain scenerios which seem to allow for time travel. In other words, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity does have solutions which allow time travel. This is not to say that time travel is in fact possible, since GR does not take into account quantum mechanical affects. In order to truely know if time travel is possibly or if it will remain just a bunch of hollywood bs, one needs a theory of quantum gravity. In almost all time travel scenerios, one can not travel back beyond the point at which the time machine was made.

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

I I I I I I I'm a little confused! You see..."somehow by a chance" I got the impression that this is NOT real, you know "sensitive powers". Although I'm not trying to speak for myself. The word "truely" my memory recalls my mistake, is really "truly, instead" That's all! Any comments friends?

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

And "and" by a brief explanation means a word after a comma, but ("but" is another one) you see...it's just style! Style of explaining "in my game" so what the....(?)...uh, anyway I was saying that always when you or someone start a sentence must be with a capital letter. Any comments friends? ah, don't forget I'm learning from you. Thank youuuuuuu...

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<em>Celebi time traveler</em>

I'm all ears FRIENDS! aND SOMETIMES i DOn't reaLize WHen I'm typing fRieNds. (But listen to this): Have any of you some explaining to my statements? What statements?: The ones I did before, you know, my theories about the "truth of time". IF any of you give me the answer I believe is the correct one, I'll recognize you are good listeners. Remember, it's just my style. And "IF" like the way I present it means "attention from the ordinary", if you understand.

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your link did not work, however I'm somewhat familiar with HTML source codes, and looked them up from your post, and this is what I found... http://www.pennyhardaway.com

was this the Link you were attempting to refer to?

either way, it still don't work!

do you have another?


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