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What does a buzzing fly or wasp in dream mean?


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so last night i went to bed and zonked out i was really tired i woke up rounds about 3 am to change my into my pj's (still tried this morning)  


then went back to bed then i dream't  about a buzzing wasp or fly couldn't tell what on earth it was but there was  actual  fly in my room because i still herd it buzzing a way but could be still in realm sleep while getting up and walking so just dead curios what does that mean?


so i looked up on google and said it could be a danger warning call or something but im not to sure 


thanks for reading ? 

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I bought and still have a dream dictionary :


In the dream dictionary, the author put all insects together, with just a few variations depending on what insect was seen.  I'll write the generic meaning for an insect first, then what it says specifically to the wasps.     


Related to insects seen in a dream are :   


Irritations, or feeling something is 'bugging' you.  The automatic, unfeeling processes of life; cold, unfeeling urges.   Insects can represent conscience and guilt that remind you of feelings you would rather forget.  Insects could also represent thoughts and feelings occuring on the edge of consciousness.  


Specific to wasps :  It says 'stung' in the book, but you weren't stung, however, maybe fearful of ?   Wasps can represent painful emotions.


It didn't mention flys specifically, however, with smaller insects it reads since smaller insects live their lives in our houses and garden largely unseen, they may depict smaller irritations and anxieties.  


( Source :  Dream Dictionary ~ An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind ~ Author Tony Crisp )




My own perspective


And yes, I was writing a book on translating dreams, so this will be lengthy.  


Our subconscious remembers things as per their emotional definition.  This is why we have seemingly unusual dreams.  Elements in a dream that seem out of place.   This is because elements included in the message of any dream are conveying NOT what is seen, but what is felt.   For instance; if you were hit by a car when you were a child, the subconscious will remember the emotional sensations of the event and file those emotions into your memory as a car.  


So, when you have a dream, and it includes a car, the car does not having any meaning  as you see it in the dream.  It could be in kitchen of your house in the dream.  When you awaken you remember it being there and may wonder, hmm, car in the kitchen, weird.  IF you can recall how you felt when you saw the car in the kitchen, THAT is (or part of) the message.


If you think about your experiences with wasps, how do they make you feel?   Same with the fly.  How does having either of the insects flying around in your room make you feel?  


At some point in your life, maybe something that occured recently, or something that is going to occur will bring out those exact emotions as experienced in the dream.  And it is up to you to review what is happening in your life that has the potential to feel that way.   


A wasp in your dream will be different than a wasp in my dream.  Because we both experienced wasps differently through-out our lifetime. 


As an example;  a beekeeper that loves bees will have a different emotional definition of bees than someone that is allergic to bees and who may have almost died after being stung by a bee.  So each seeing a bee in their dreams each will feel completely different. 


The beekeeper person may feel joy, the almost killed by a bee person, terror and fear of death.    


What I do is keep a journal. 


My dream journal includes what I see and how what was seen 'feels' from an emotional definition.   I then will think about what is happening in my life and try to link the emotional content of the dream to possible upcoming situations.  At first it may be somewhat difficult, however, becomes easier in time.   And you will begin to recognize events with dreams.  You'll be going through something and suddenly get an " AH HA " moment as you connect a dream with an event.  


When we sleep our conscious mind is asleep.  Our subconscious comes into play.   The language between the two are different.  The conscious mind is logical and unemotional.   The subconscious is without any senses, and is absent of reason.   You can detect the difference between the two when walking down a darkened street late at night.  Our conscious mind will reason things out, that there are NOT werewolves hiding in the shadows.  However, our subconscious mind will start to influence our thought processes with emotions.  We end up in a battle between the two.  Conscious (logic) verses Subconscious (emotion).  The subconscious will fill you mind with images of werewolves hiding, waiting to jump out from the shadows and attack.    With enough time, the subconscious will take over enough to flood your mind with fear and anxiety and over ride any logic and reason.  Just the idea of werewolves hiding in the shadows, logically, are not scary.  It's the thoughts of what a werewolf that leaps out from the dark can do to you that over rides all reason.  


It is because of this dynamic, when we dream, the conscious mind is inactive and the subconscious is in charge.   That's why when you wake up, you will "feel" a certain way about what you experienced in any dream.   The dream wasn't really about what you saw, but how you felt.   


With your dream, my suggestion, is to write it down.  Make a list of what you saw that really stood out, like the wasp.  Then next to or underneath what you saw in the dream, write how you were feeling when you were experiencing the wasp.  Even the buzzing, how did you feel ?    Everything you felt in the dream, regardless of what you saw.  


Then think about what is happening in your life, or an event that may be coming up in the future, that could have you feeling exactly how you felt in your dream.  Write that down and make sure you date it.   


Guarantee that at some point, something will occur (or may be occuring in your life presently) and you will feel just as you did in the dream.  ?   


There's a whole bunch more, but that, I'm saving for the book.   ?

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