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Historian from a parallel dimension


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On 8/11/2020 at 9:15 AM, Guest said:

I miss when time travelers were more creative. The angry tantrum-throwing wears thin real fast, but then somehow we're the jerks for not liking it?

The rules here are lax. Be interesting. Stay polite.

Pretty easy.


Yes, we allow freedom of speech as long as you don't threaten people and cause heaps of trouble.  The formula for a hoax is always the same.  Time traveler, usually with poor grammar and writing skills, makes a claim.  We ask questions out of curiosity.  Claimant gets angry and leaves.  It happens almost every time.   Many people think they can become famous like the Titor legend and come here making that attempt every once in a while.  It never works.   

I also agree that some people and authors get angry with us for asking questions. Who wouldn't ask a time traveler questions?  And is critical thinking to be tossed out the window for no reason?  Are we to believe every person that makes the claim? 

I am a time traveler.

Now, I'm supposed to get mad if you question me.  Sounds a lot like Big Brother.   

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