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 I am not here to Proof that i'm real or not , Because i know that i am ,

My main reason is that to proof my theory . My theory was that "Is it possible that to turn back the memories of Lin"? => By Showing some most known words from the main past of Lin.

A Person Asked me "Who You really are?"


My Name is Valerine Icenhour , I am from the year 2038 . I am the developer of the time machine in year 2030 , I know My Lin from my world , But ; Lin is forgotten by all , Because of a Time traveler who did changes in year 2019 .


I am writing a file to tell you every thing , and also want to explain everything i have to. 

                    Just need some People who can help.

I know Jonathan pretty well.


A Part of my story


  As i said , I am the time travel and it's machine developer ,

I had a good relationship with Jonathan Lintitor , After he stole my Beta time machine to do the mission by it self, He traveled to many world lines and  Victor Mousi 

(a guy who worked on time machine theory with me) Used Alpha Time machine witch General Electrics Co. Built it to stop Lin from finding his dad out .


after many tries , Victor died in year 2020 , and made big changes .



Isn't it your Question that "Why 2020 is Weird ?"


I'll explain everything in my file witch i send it soon here.



"I've missed you Lin"    


.. / .-.. --- ...- . / ..- / - --- / .... . .- ...- . -. ... / --. .- - .

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Just now, AsinShouma said:

Hi , VI.

Could you please tell me that "What is Black Night's Story"?




   It has a whole story that i have to Mention it in my File.


Just know that it's just known as "Black Knight Satellite" , But , It's VTTDD (Victor's Time Traveling Data Base)


If there was a better Image That you could Zoom on it , You could see VTTDD word on It's Rear.

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