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Titor accurately described the Mandela Effect on his own personal timeline!


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 Titor described the parallel reality he was in at the time as being a "slightly different version from his!"(paraphrased) By a certain percentage of variance!(?)The further back, he went the greater the differences upon returning!

Gives a lot of credibility to his story for me! How else did he describe people's experiences of the Mandela Effect, if he wasn't experiencing it himself? If that was the case, it may logically appear that those who experience it now, may have traveled back in time and returned to the present? Although I believe my Parallel History was on an entirely different Earth than his. Perhaps he was on both of them! He saw the difference, so it prevented him from going too far into the past?( if memory serves me.) Eventually, divergences would make his home time unrecognizable!


I know you all know these quotes word for word, and details far better than myself, and I sincerely apologize for any misquotes or errors. Any Titor experts see parallels to the Mandela Effect differences? If anyone can provide his specific descriptions of the changes and effect, it would be appreciated! I am almost certain he was describing the same experience!

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