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my grandad William john


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hello so something interesting happened today as you can tell i can talk to spirits demons or what ever you want to call them (i think that spirts are nice term) that sounds a lot nicer! lol


but i asked my mum who was my grandad i have two one is great great great william john and the other one my grandpa who is dead and so it went a bit like this 


who is john or william i said to my mum and she said that he was working in the first world war in India and was doing science or biology or chemistry to do with space and time sift extra and that is exactly what he had told me in the first place not knowing that my mum knows that or not me dunno it was a bit much to take in at that point in time i guess lol and that why he tells me all the stuff about the time travel how there are parallel worlds different time zones in this world that there is something in the sky extra extra he aslo said that he was writing a journal or a book along those lines he said that he never got round to 


that i would of like to see in my life time lol 


i think that should do just know lol but if any one can help on this book business that would be more than thanked 🙂 



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