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Does the show Black List make predictions?


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I've been watching the show Black List starring James Spader.  It is a really simple show.  Every episode is about taking down a bad guy that is on a list and they succeed every time.  It isn't the most complicated show in the universe, but I'm watching it because I noticed some interesting things about it.   I am still watching season one (which is really long).


I found these episodes interesting (no spoilers, I promise): A Chinese virologist was kidnapped because she was going to go to DC as a whistleblower.  In another episode, a senator named Mitchell was murdered.  If the real life Mitch McConnel dies, I'm going to be fascinated.


If you've seen this show, please share some of your observations.  No spoilers, though, because I haven't seen it all, yet. 🙂



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