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The Flu has Disappeared, Covid=Flu?


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Rather than scour the internet and read potentially fake news, I have been asking real medical professionals about the flu.  Well, actually, one person told me about his flu experience and that is what prompted me to do this.  When I ask doctors and nurses, I simply say "I am curious" so that hopefully there isn't any bias.  Here's my story.


I have been talking to a man for several years online who was in medical school.  He now is in residency and he came to me and said he's exhausted and wants to quit because all he does is test for Covid all day.  Then, he mentioned that he stopped testing for the flu because NOBODY is testing positive.  He said normally, about 30% of the cases with symptoms in his city have the flu.  Now....  ZERO.


So, I started asking friends and family members.  My brother's wife is a nurse practitioner.  I asked her if anyone is getting the flu.  She said they test, but nobody is.  She told me it's because they wear masks.  When I ask "If masks work, why are people getting covid?" she simply says Covid is more contagious.  What?  Failed logic.  A water droplet is a water droplet no matter what virus is hidden inside of it.  


I asked my nurse cousin.  She said they test for the flu at the nursing home and nobody is getting it.  She also says that the masks only help you not touch your face but are useless when it comes to breathing a virus. She promoted hand washing.  (This is common sense, as we do not really want to get strep, do we?).  


These people have no reason to be biased.  They are speaking from front line experience.


Where is the flu?


I am NOT going to bother looking up CDC numbers. I DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM.  


So, I will continue asking medical professionals and I encourage you to do the same and report back here.


Another interesting observation:


My kids have not brought home any illnesses from school except for back in February when I think I got "Covid". (They had a cold). This school year, NOTHING.  So, the schools are finally cleaning.  Yes, that can help.  The desks are finally spread apart the old fashioned way.  Yes, that can help.  BUT WHY ARE KIDS IN SCHOOL STILL GETTING COVID?


My own personal conclusion based on logic only (i.e. I have nothing else to back it up): Covid = THE FLU.


The flu has been renamed to Covid 19 and this whole thing is an exercise.  I can show evidence of that statement, which I will do on another thread.  


New flu tests were made useless.  Covid tests detect the flu and/or the common cold.


The flu can kill, especially the elderly.  The deaths were inflated by hospitals who are PAID per covid case.  The piles of bodies is fake news.   People investigated themselves and visited the hospitals that supposedly were rolling out bodies and they showed video evidence that this was NOT the case.  (You can do a search and find this stuff online).


My friend Jason was hospitalized with pneumonia.  His only symptom was chest pain.  How convenient that they told him he had Covid and held him for 2 weeks so they could get paid.  


Motive: Event 201 by Bill Gates and John Hopkins.  (Do a search!)


I continue to investigate without using online data.  Feel free to help.


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