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Is JT’s 2004 our 2020?


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John Titor


This dude, what a legend. I would bet money that his 2004 is our 2020. He gave two hints, when it started which was 2004. The first hint, there is no question a civil war started this year. He described war as groups maneuvering in conflict and armed conflict. Doesn’t mean there necessarily has to be combat.


He did say it was 2005 but corrected himself later on saying it was 2004 which coincides with his Lincoln type president in 2005 which would be 2021 when the president is inaugurated.


The second hint, The olympics in 2020 (2004) were cancelled. Let’s see if we ever see the olympics ever again. Also everyone here is forgetting that he said the events of history do not change but they can be different due to the divergence and the fact when he came here he created a new worldline. Same events as his, just different dates, names and places. I bet his mad cow is our Covid.


On to the president, this “prediction” we will know in a couple years. Though the policies of the democrats lean towards more rights being taken away from us than the republicans but don’t forget that both sides are corrupt. But the “leader” he describes makes me think that Biden and Harris will win this election. No one is going to consider Biden a president considering China involvement. And he already has been using the word unite and such. We will see how he handles the country being divided if he wins.


The power group president I believe will be another man woman combination again in 2024 like this year. Hell it might even be Biden and Harris running again or being re elected. They have shown this so called power group lately with all their picks and the whole squad thing. But it could also be a whole new party.


Again what a legend



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