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Found this interesting about Titor


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Found this interesting, it is in the article.


“I have received permission from my superiors to send you this one communiqué.I believe that it is time to put the saga of John Titor to rest once and for all. I too am from the future and am an officer in the Temporal Fraud Division, of the Chronology Bureau. 

Let me state to you right now that "John Titor" is a real person, although this is not his actual name. We of the future have strict laws governing time travel, for the obvious reasons, and Mr. Titor has broken these laws.We do the best we can keeping track of those who would use time travel to their own advantage or to dupe those of earlier times. However every now and then one of these criminals does manage to elude us for a time.

This felony in our time is rather akin to the problem you are having with Identity Theft in your time. Instead of stealing identities however, these people are literally stealing your time.I hope you understand the unbelievable damage that a person form our time, knowing every single detail and fact of your time could do.Mr. Titor has been apprehended and was dealt with according to our laws. He shall not be bothering you again. You were lucky this time.This will be the one and only communication you shall receive from me.


Mano Detrium TFD”


Well that is interesting....



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