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Proof of Election Fraud


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The following video contains proof that the election was hacked, mostly by China.  It is a long video, but worth the watch.  

The beginning of the video has a lot of general ideas, but you have to keep watching to see computer logs with IP addresses.  

I showed the video to a family member that works for Homeland and he showed me the IP addresses and didn't deny any of them or anything else in the video.  (I personally feel a "cannot confirm nor deny" is really a confirm).  Believe me, if it were bogus, he would have told me exactly why. In fact, he warned me 2 years ago that China was the main cyber threat towards USA.  


SO WATCH.  THIS SHOULD BE BIPARTISAN!  Yes, I'm yelling because even if you are a Democrat, you should NOT WANT another country to decide our elections.  It means our country is a dictatorship and that our votes DO NOT MATTER.  Please explain to me WHY YOU WANT THIS because apparently SO MANY or overjoyed that China owns America!!!  I DON'T GET IT!!!


Watch the whole thing.  





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