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NFL Super Bowl,, Miley Cyrus Revelation of the Hologram


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Super bowl Show


I'm a Psychic and I'm giving a message , the singers and dancers in the SuperBowl are giving us a message about the dark ages.


I believe in Christ and the angels , however I am a psychic with intuition.


 Halloween is over and we are in February, here is what I have discovered in the SuperBowl Show TV, secret code messages.


They are entertainers singing and dancing, what if I told you the Universe reflects a code for messages in entertainment? You don't think a cult are giving millions of TV watchers a message to understand? 


Keep it PG for the families watching TV. There was nothing kosher during the Show at the SuperBowl.


I was doing my image searching on Bing and I found a photo of Miley Cyrus during her singing performance. 


I was also sitting down and watching Miley Cyrus and Billy for 5 minutes singing the song White Wedding and I immediately left the TV. 


I don't have enough time to post my message so I'm keeping this short.


Miley Cyrus was wearing the symbol of DNA. The entwined serpent  around her neck with purple. Her wrist bracelet had a silver chain holding her microphone. The word FTW.


When Miley Cyrus sings , she covers FTW with her hand , singing her microphone making the word  FT on her dress instead of FTW. I'm a psychic and my intuition has detected this. She has left the word FT.


There is an African'Americsn  behind her playing drums with a white mask.




Behind her photo is a  dimensional being.


 There is an Egyptian from another dimension, a being invisible around her. You can see the yellow circle in the background and the weird face behind her photo, it's deformed. See the Egyptian? The word KAR can be seen in the background image with Miley Cyrus.


Kar Name Meaning Indian (Bengal) and Bangladeshi: Hindu (Kayasth) name, probably from Sanskrit kara ‘doer’, ‘hand’. Jewish: origin uncertain; perhaps a nickname from Hebrew kar ‘cold’.

Meaning: of the Word KA in Egypt,


 The \"ka\" is a very complex part of the symbolism in ancient Egyptian mythology and represents several things: the ka is a symbol of the reception of the life powers from each man from the gods, it is the source of these powers.


What does ft mean in text slang?


“ft” means Facetime to Apple Iphone users. It could also mean Forint, the Hungarian currency. Forint, the Hungarian currency


Miley Cyrus is giving symbols of the Universe. 


FT means FT in Face Time to Apple Users.

The foot (pl. feet; abbreviation: ft; symbol.


Foot, FaceTime, Forint Hungary, 


And KAR for cold in Hebrew.


The nation of Hungary is to experience


. Hungary  Cold, and Currency and Foot. Apple FaceTime is to experience Foot and Cold, Something (negative) 


FT - a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard; 


Negative polarity.


Miley Cyrus has a tattoo under her real foot and her tattoo says $ Tone.


I'm a Psychic with intuition. Hungary is to experience 12 inches of Mass Cold weather  and something to do with their currency  Finance.


Remember Miley Cyrus was singing White Wedding.




Another image of Miley not performing had 1921 on her t shirt in green and she's sitting on a motorcycle with Billy. Behind them is an eye.




Next to Billy and Miley Cyrus singing is a large red "M"


Younger Futhark ᛘ is maðr ("man"). It took up the shape of the algiz rune ᛉ, replacing Elder Futhark ᛗ.


As its sound value and form in the Elder Futhark indicate, it is derived from the letter M


The Rune Poem

 "Man is an augmentation of the dust;

great is the claw of the hawk."


An next to Miley Cyrus was an Egyptian Hawk.



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