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Anti Gravity


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Greetings , dear users 


I habe a theory about time travel. I am no scientist or expert but I still wanted to share this idea. 

Black and white holes:


Black holes have ginormous amounts of gravitational pull leading to time near a black hole being slower than on earth. For example:If you were near a super massive black hole ( on a nearby planet). One hour could be equal to one year on our planet. If white holes existed they a person on the planet would experience normal time but time on earth would go backwards. For example if the person would stay there for 7 years  and he left in the year 2000 he would arrive in the year 1993 when he would return.This is because anti gravity which is not a universal force (yet, maybe it will still be discovered) . If gravity becomes stronger the time near the gravitational field will be like I explained before(1hour near a black hole = 1 year on earth ) If the same worked for anti gravity time could go back wards simple,right? The only problem with this theory is that a planet can’t have an anti gravitational field because it wouldn’t attract mass it would deflect mass .


Thank you if you read this 


your timetravel-1 (I’m not John-Titor)



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