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Are YOU a Time Traveler?


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The Time Travel Claims category is a place for time travelers to tell their story and answer questions. If you've experienced missing time, time slips or any other temporal phenomenon we'd love to hear about that, too!

All are welcome to throw their hat into the ring and see how far they can take their claim, regardless of their true temporal status. Elaborate storytelling and thoughtful presentation is encouraged.

Our focus, where it comes to claims, is not proving whether a traveler are “real”. The conversation begins from a null hypothesis, and the burden of proof rests with the person making the claim. However, that does not mean the person making the claim owes you any sort of explanation. You'll either be satisfied with a given answer or you won't. Whatever it is, keep it to yourself. Your job is discernment; think if through. Allow your line of questioning to unravel a bad story, rather than being confrontational or accusing.

Participate and have fun. The more exciting discussions arise from the theories and the concepts put forth in the details, and that will be where the truth comes out.

Anonymous posting is enabled and encouraged in this forum.

We are about thought experiments and exercises in discernment, so all attempts should be of the highest effort. Put some purpose into it! Threads that devolve into absurdity (as determined by @Cosmo) will be pruned or locked—quality over quantity.

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