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What is the example of the machine John Titor use ?


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What is the look and the math behind the machine that John Titor used ?

Good question. The answer is he didn't supply any math or physics specific to his gadget.


Without supplying any details, he said his gadget works by injecting electrons across the event horizon of a (actually two) black hole. That's a huge problem - as in virtually impossible. Electrons are leptons. They are negatively charged (or positive in the case of their anti-particle), only interact with gravitation, the weak and electromagnetic forces and do not interact with the strong force (they never get captured and locked together like protons and neutrons (hadrons - they do interact with the strong field) in an atomic nucleus. They obey the Coulomb Law: like charges repel, opposites attract. At a distance of .08*10^-15 m the electrons will repel with a rather "significant" force - 360 Joules or 265.5 pound-feet, the work necessary to lift 265.5 pounds 1 foot. We have to think about that a minute. Were talking 265.5 pounds of force developed by two infinitesimally tiny objects; two electrons. You might get one electron across the event horizon of a black hole but two? And he was talking countless billions of electrons all repelling each other as indicated above. No way! And a separation of 0.8*10^-15 m is not close to the density of a black hole (which is infinite density).


All his hand waving quasi physics mumbo jumbo "its easy to traverse a black hole because Tipler proposed an infinitely long spinning cylinder and you can see that on a Kerr Diagram" crap aside, building an actual time machine is more than a daunting task. It verges on, and may well be, impossible.

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Continuing my above post, Titor didn't supply any math that can't be found on the internet, specifically, the Lorentz Transformation :

S^2 = -ct^2+x^2+y^2+z^2


That's it. It's just an expanded Pythagorean Theorem in 3D space +1D time dimensions.


What he didn't explain is this:




He submitted that photo, supposedly taken inside his truck with the gadget sitting in the front passenger's seat some 18 inches (or less) from his right hip. The red is supposed to be a laser beam. Note that it bends through an arc of about 45 degrees as it passes over the passenger's seat. That, according to Titor, was the gravitational field of the two black holes contained in his device. And mighty strange black holes and gravitational fields they were. Notice that the photons of Cigar Man's body and the interior of the truck are completely immune to the effects of the gravitational field. The entire photo should be distorted. This was no photo submitted by a troll. It came, with others, directly from TItor/TT0.


A photon passing by the sun at "grazing incidence" (striking a tangent path that is just above the surface) is bent through 1.75 seconds of arc or 0.0005 degrees. Gravity on the surface of the sun is ~27 G (earth). The math isn't too difficult. As an approximation, bending through 45 degrees inside the truck indicates a gravitational field on the order of, oh, 240,000 G (earth). Cigar Man, and the truck should have been instantly spaghettified and sucked into the black holes as a stream of individual subatomic particles, i.e. instantly killed, crushed and vaporized. Yet there's nothing. It's not a laser beam; it's a fiber optic tube with a red LED light source.


So not only did he not supply any real math, he submitted a fake photo in the hopes that no one would notice the obvious flaw.

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