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Discussing politics and conspiracy theories on TTI


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Politics are a very emotional topic for many people, and it's tough to have a conversation about the underlying things that make a a theory or conspiracy interesting without it getting into touchy subjects. Politics affect people's lives, so it's easy to make it personal. On top of that, we're a time travel forum where I'm 3D printing a DeLorean and live streaming my tortoise against Art Bell. The kind of people who come here probably have a couple of quirks and ideas that go against the grain.


This forum is for theories and information, not your belief system or emotional triggers. All posts will be held for moderation until a rhythm and tone develops that others can follow as an example.


If you are looking to debate and argue with others, 4chan's /pol/ is over here.


TTI is not your battlefield to try and persuade others that you know the truth or cracked the code. Likewise, please do not cut an idea you think is preposterous off at the knees. You're on a time travel forum, after all so let's keep that perspective as we explore these ideas. People are smart enough to look at screenshots, links or articles and come to their own reasonable conclusions.


Focus should be on the theory rather than the person posting it. We are looking for screenshots, links and articles about political or criminal conspiracies, whether that information supports or contradicts.

  1. If someone shares an article, do not assume they subscribe to the ideas put forth in the article unless they say so. Sometimes it's just an interesting thing they found.
  2. If you disagree with someone, STOP. You are already wrong. Challenge the theory with new information, not the person with sick burns.
  3. Talk about the information that persuaded you instead of how your personal feelings or belief systems validate it.
  4. Do not make any thread or post calling out an otherwise uninvolved member into a debate or argument
  5. If you don't like this kind of shit, ignore it.

    1. I will be adding a feature to opt out of politics and conspiracies globally

[*]We are human, and not everyone will get their message across the right way. Sometimes the way something is written isn't how it was meant to be read.

  1. If your post is moderated, it is likely because your comment was perceived conversation ender or, did not leave room for a meaningful/civil reply (as determined by my own common sense at the time).
  2. If your post is moderated, it is unlikely to be because I disagree with your point, or because I'm aiming for you to have a lesser time here. Your politics are irrelevant to me. If it's not already clear, I'm about interesting theories, their sources and their implications.


Hopefully, that makes sense - I will do my best to keep things tidy but remember that I am human too.


(or so you've been told)

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