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Algae Powered Computer


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1652729055996.png.8a8a4a6c6357f52da0fa52fbf718c285.pngA team of researchers at the University of Cambridge have powered a microprocessor for a year using blue-green algae. The power-producing cyanobacteria were enclosed in an AA battery-sized plastic and metal container with an aluminum anode, and connected to an Arm Cortex-M0 microprocessor. Scientists think the electrical output was the result of a bio-electrochemical process in which the algae generated electrons which moved across bacterial membranes to the aluminum anode. The bio-battery worked in both light and dark conditions, powering the microprocessor from February to August 2021 (and an additional six months afterward), and it continues to produce current. "It's still running and I hope it will run for very long time. Given the right conditions of light, temperature and water, I cannot predict when it will stop," said biochemist Paolo Bombelli.




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