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Art Bell/Titor Fax #2


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Cosmo submitted a new resource:


[plain]Art Bell/Titor Fax #2[/plain] - [plain]The second of two alleged faxes sent from John Titor to Art Bell[/plain]


Dear Mr. Bell,


I am glad you’re back. I faxed this information to you the day before you left the air. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t lost in the shuffle so I am sending a gift. If you’ve already seen this please accept my apologies. If you choose to make this public please do not publish the fax number. I had to fax when I heard the other time traveler calling in from the recent time past in fact the year 2500 Ad.


Let me explain, Mr. Bell. I sent a fax with this opening on July 29 1998...


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