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Pics and media related to Time Travel


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416206a-f3.2.jpg.7476fb6f8f67e58d43dcba533ef5c1b9.jpg capacitive-based-gravity-sensor.png.58c412b6d63fe4d0753c71aaa4dc11ab.png

John Titor mentioned Atomic Clocks (pictured above) ^ And linked to this gravity sensor at some point.

Both components supposedly necessary for the Time displacement device Titor used.



^Pic which reminds me of Madman Marcum for some reason.


f812d0eeac56.jpg.afbabd328d155b2c2e59d7c01c535568.jpg 1212682630yciuiP.jpg.c736261361c613b48ce38b3012f467a4.jpg

Apparently there's an Anderson Institute which has a lot of

interesting material you may be interested in...


longexposure_34.jpg.3aa241418eaa47e637e4e56e51157a76.jpg longexposure_56.jpg.80fb484adbc233b3270c657ba414f2d5.jpg longexposure_23.jpg.05572e58db31fc04f011a0818a5ad88d.jpg

These images instill a certain vibe or feel, that kinda atmosphere of mystery and wonder, there are many ways we perceive the passage of time..


michael-wesely-MoMa-01.jpg.3e459aee073d7afeb87e3360b0edf3bc.jpg michael-wesely-moma-02.jpg.eb4728a71df0febc1ffa262b984f8e4d.jpg

Extremely long exposure photos show ghostly new buildings with low exposure and the sun's streaks.


Here's some music;


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I'm highlighting some more interesting files related or semi related to time travel now since I've dug up some more;


These two I remember from years back while I was browsing for time travel related stuff, they induce

a kind of mysterious atmosphere while thinking about what if questions related to time travel.


Just happened upon this and liked it ^ (features ghost in the shell imagery)


Some more pics now, this here is a pretty good movie,

if you haven't seen it you should, since its a pretty well written time travel story;



Imagine you went to the future and found a strange container.. what the heck is it made of?


Anyway, here's a neat kind of clock which shows the passing of lunations;


And a kind of a zodiac clock;


Other very interesting clocks exist, wonder what kind of a clock a time traveler would use?


Terence Mckenna once said about the Timewave Zero program that "a time traveler might use something like this"


Apparently, after the graph ended, the timewave supposedly became "nonlinear".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagua - These are the symbols used for the IChing which the timewave was based on.

The Chinese studied the effects of time for a long time so these concepts may be worth looking into.

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